listings: Intentions Versus Actions - 04/30/18 01:48 PM
Did you wake up today and make your list?
Did you set up your day?
Everything you said you would do ... are you going to do it?
Sure. I bet you intend to get it done.
How well are you protecting your time? 
Are you scheduling appointments over other appointments?
Fast forward to the end of your day.
Did you get it done?
Did you finish your list?
Did you keep to your timeblocks?
Intentions are great ... ACTIONS are the truth. Plan your day and work the plan. Yes, spontaneous interferences come up but YOU have to deal with it.
Too often we feel good at the end of the day … (3 comments)

listings: Low Inventory Is YOUR Problem! How To Thrive In Low Inventory Markets! - 04/24/18 04:07 PM
Winning in a low inventory market isn't necessarily easy, but it's not rocket science.
Just as I say on the podcast an in the show notes on RERAW ... you can choose to sit around and wait for others to create inventory OR you can find it yourself.
You don't have to be an actual developer to be a "manufacturer" of inventory in this industry. If homes aren't on the "active" market to sell, it's your job to find 'em. Period.
Most agents are willing to invest in listings but only in a very direct sort of way. How often have you leveraged an actual buyer … (0 comments)

listings: Should You Use PokémonGo In Your Real Estate Business? - 07/12/16 09:41 AM

listings: The $5,000 Pen - 06/23/16 07:19 AM
The pen in your hand is easily more expensive than the finest Montblanc. Really!?
In Southern California, a “$5,000 pen” is likely considered on the cheap side of things.
See, it’s the hand that moves the pen but the ink that comes out … well … that “seals the deal.”
I always get a chuckle (my terrible sense of humor) when I go to the grocery store. I check out at the register with $150 in food and necessities and I say to the cashier “wow, looks like my signature went up in value.” “What?” she says. “Yeah, look at that … today it’s … (3 comments)

listings: Please Explain - Not Everyone Is "In" Real Estate - 01/05/16 12:34 AM
Happy New Year!!! Hopefully, 2016 is already off to a wonderful start for you.
Ya know, I learn new things every day and sometimes the best lesson learned is the one we have been taught but are reminded of regularly.
NOT EVERYONE PRACTICES REAL ESTATE! I make a point to explain the role of the “main players” in each transaction to my clients as we get a deal off the ground. I always remind them that I am their “go-to” but if the question is not meant to be answered by me then I’ll direct and invite the correct person into the discussion … (3 comments)

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