real estate: Intentions Versus Actions - 04/30/18 01:48 PM
Did you wake up today and make your list?
Did you set up your day?
Everything you said you would do ... are you going to do it?
Sure. I bet you intend to get it done.
How well are you protecting your time? 
Are you scheduling appointments over other appointments?
Fast forward to the end of your day.
Did you get it done?
Did you finish your list?
Did you keep to your timeblocks?
Intentions are great ... ACTIONS are the truth. Plan your day and work the plan. Yes, spontaneous interferences come up but YOU have to deal with it.
Too often we feel good at the end of the day … (3 comments)

real estate: The Learning NEVER Stops ... - 04/20/18 09:28 AM
"Learn More, Know Less" - Neil Strauss
The biggest flaw and most dangerous trait that a salesperson can possess is the complacent mindset of thinking they already know everything.
What have you been doing to make sure you're ALWAYS learning? Have you thought about that one lately?
See, too often we find ourselves feeling like we tap into educational resources but are really only seeking the content that support our actions or mindset ... but that's not what it's about. You've gotta challenge yourself. Our plans and actions can really only find their validation when put up against something that challenges everything about them ... to either … (3 comments)

real estate: How To Answer Questions On ActiveRain - 07/02/16 04:45 AM
We're all on this site for different reasons. Some users are more active than others. Some just want the points and others actually value the information and participation.
Aside from Blogging ... there is a wonderful tool that ActiveRain encourages using called "Q&A." If you haven't used it, you're missing out. Whether you have a quick "no-brainer" or a more complex question ... it's a great place to post and get some quick (and sometimes quite interesting) feedback.
However, too often, users will provide a comment that has nothing to do with the question ... maybe because they want their face in front … (40 comments)

real estate: Writing Non-Contingent Offers for Contingent Buyers?! - 04/26/15 08:52 AM
WARNING!!! If you are the kind of agent that wants to "edge out" the competition when writing offers on a very sought after home and you are advising your clients to write a non-contingent offer when they still have a house to sell ... you better be ready to take out your checkbook.
There is ABSOLUTELY a time and a place for a contingent buyer to write a non-contingent offer but you better know what you are doing and what's at stake before you play your hand.
Here's a quick story to chew on:
I recently sold a listing with multiple offers. When presenting … (4 comments)

real estate: Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure (AVID) - California - 04/22/15 07:05 AM
I'm not sure how the rest of the country operates but out here in California, both listing and selling agent are required by State Law to conduct an AVID.
The inspection is exactly what it sounds like; the agents walk through the home and report on visual findings (cosmetic stuff). For example, you may report "marks on the wall" or "stains/discoloration on the ceiling" or even "master bathtub missing drain stopper" and "closet has no door knob."
The inspection seems quite petty. In fact, I will often be representing a buyer and do a visual inspection on the property they are purchasing ... … (2 comments)

real estate: One Picture is Never Enough for a Listing! - 04/22/15 05:49 AM
We are all here to sell houses and most of us just want to close as many deals as we can each year.
To this day, I don't understand the reasoning behind listing agents that only put ONE photo on the MLS to advertise their property. To market a property the correct way, you'll need more than that for sure!
Don't get me wrong, I get why agents do it but the "reasoning" would be that putting more on would be the worse of the two options and that ... well it's just incorrect.
So, here's my list of reasons as to why I think … (30 comments)

real estate: A Realtor’s® Wardrobe Is ... - 04/19/15 08:34 AM
One of the most important things you have when making a first impression and from my perspective, most agents do it the wrong way.
There is a lot that goes into selecting your attire for different occasions and "dressing the part."
Whether you like it or not, we all judge the book by its cover ... even if only for a moment. Your personality really must match what you are wearing, first of all. I suppose that means that you must be comfortable in what you are wearing. Comfort in your own image and attire makes you confident and confidence breeds more business and … (7 comments)

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