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  If you're listing your house your first question may very well be what sells homes? What leaves one home on the market for years while those around it are sold in a matter of months? Typically, there are two rooms that potential buyers will really focus on. These rooms are the heart and soul of...
  Pros and Cons   Should you remodel or buy a new home? When you look around your house and you realize that there is work to be done it can be a little overwhelming. There are pros and cons to doing a complete remodeling. In some cases, you may end up feeling good about the work you've done but ...
  Once you list your home for sale it's not personal, it's business. Whether you're using a realtor, a home stager, or you're doing it all on your own you have to learn exactly how to take your personal feelings out of the process. Sure, you may have sentimental attachment to your home. You may h...
  Learning how to prepare for moving day is one of the greater difficulties of buying or selling a home. Naturally, you want to pack up as much as possible as early as possible. At the same time, you're living and using things and you have to have access to the things that you need. Preparation c...
Listing your home and the internet are highly relative to each other. The internet has become a necessary tool in making sure that your listed home receives the attention it deserves and speeds the selling process. Without the internet, your home may sit on the market at least five times longer ...
The importance of having a family plan in emergencies is highly overlooked. In a world where we tend to rely on cell phones and texts we often forget that in an emergency we have to be able to get everyone together regardless of whether they are all at home or out and about. In a private emergenc...
I have noticed a growing trend, my feedback either results in a rebuttal via email or a phone call.  Then realizing that I either had to leave irrelevant feedback (home is nice) or I would be caught in an endless stream of email explanations on how I was mistaken or that the ...

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