homes for sale: Green Building in a few words. - 11/12/09 10:58 AM
<!--StartFragment--> When we talk about green building materials, we mean that they are eco-friendly,  designed to not create a negative impact on the environment. Lots of people think that green building materials only do things such as conserve energy or are recyclable, or are made from recycled raw material, but that is only a small part of it. Green building materials also help to reduce maintenance costs over the total life of the structure; they help to improve the health of the people living and using the building, and they also lower the costs you have to bear when making renovations … (0 comments)

homes for sale: It’s Not Personal, It’s Business: Sell Your Home Like a Pro - 11/09/09 10:58 AM
Once you have decided to sell your house there are some steps you need to take to make sure you sell your house in these sticky economic times. You will want to know what it is worth; so call in an appraiser to assess your property, or a few realtors, and ask them to look it over. Keep in mind, what it is worth is not necessarily what you will get for it. That’s business, I’m afraid – your house is worth what someone will pay for it. You have to take into account the state of the economy, how … (0 comments)

homes for sale: First time home buyers, why wait? - 11/04/09 12:19 PM
Some people might see now as a bad time to buy a home; the market is unsteady, prices are fluctuating, and banks are not inclined to lend. Yet, for a first time home buyer, now is a perfect time to buy.
First off is price; there are homes on the market that – as little as a year ago – were going for two, three, and even more times their current asking price. So, there are incredible bargains to be found. Two key elements to consider though are location and condition. A dirt cheap home might be that price … (0 comments)

homes for sale: Is the Glass Half Full or is the Glass Half Empty Stop procrastinating. - 11/02/09 05:19 AM
The Money you Save on Your New Home will make up for the Loss of Your Old Home
When going from one home to another, there are always expenses: moving vans, packing, closing fees, utility transfer fees etc. Yet, in the long run, the new home will save you money.
In general, an older home needs more repairs. You have to improve the electrical fuse box and system so that your home has enough amperage to handle your power needs. Over time, the roof will wear out and need to be patched and/or replaced; with a very old … (1 comments)

homes for sale: Tax credit time is running out - 10/26/09 01:27 PM
The US government implemented the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009, and it gives first time home buyers a one time tax credit of eight thousand dollars. The key elements to the credit are that you have to be buying your primary residence – that is – the home you’re going to live in. And second, you have to buy the home sometime during most of 2009 – from the first of January to the first of December.
Here are some critical aspects of the program. First, you can’t have owned a home in the three years before … (1 comments)

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