listings: Home Building has Changed Drastically in 5 Years - 05/02/11 10:15 AM
Home Building has Changed Drastically in 5 Years
In the last 5 years there has been a revolution of innovation in home construction. Home building has changed greatly in the last 5 years to incorporate green ideas, energy efficiency, and savings through the home. With the continuous rising rate in fuel prices and home heating expenses, homes that have been built over the last 5 years have been lower maintenance and less expensive to run efficiently.
The energy movement has brought some very necessary ideas to the principles of home construction. With simple but effective methods of creating … (0 comments)

listings: What rooms sell homes? - 03/30/11 04:07 PM
If you're listing your house your first question may very well be what sells homes? What leaves one home on the market for years while those around it are sold in a matter of months? Typically, there are two rooms that potential buyers will really focus on. These rooms are the heart and soul of most houses, and thus they tend to carry the most selling power.
When setting up your house to answer the question what sells homes you want to start with the kitchen. A good, unique, and serviceable kitchen is imperative to many families. When it … (5 comments)

listings: Feedback or not to Feedback - 03/07/11 02:49 AM
<!--StartFragment--> I have noticed a growing trend, my feedback either results in a rebuttal via email or a phone call.  Then realizing that I either had to leave irrelevant feedback (home is nice) or I would be caught in an endless stream of email explanations on how I was mistaken or that the issue was resolved. 
The last email stream went like this:
Clients liked the home however there was a strange smell.
This is what I received back:
“I was in the home earlier today and did not smell anything, when can you bring you clients … (0 comments)

listings: It’s Not Personal, It’s Business: Sell Your Home Like a Pro - 11/09/09 10:58 AM
Once you have decided to sell your house there are some steps you need to take to make sure you sell your house in these sticky economic times. You will want to know what it is worth; so call in an appraiser to assess your property, or a few realtors, and ask them to look it over. Keep in mind, what it is worth is not necessarily what you will get for it. That’s business, I’m afraid – your house is worth what someone will pay for it. You have to take into account the state of the economy, how … (0 comments)

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