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James Wirth here, and T-H-A-N-K--Y-O-U for visiting my blog! Here I hope to inspire, educate, and coach those affiliated with the Real Estate industry on how they can better market themselves online & connect with past, present and future clients/customers/contacts
USDA Home Loans -- it's getting closer but we can all pitch in! It seems that additional funding for USDA has passed the House and is now in the Senate's hands, and from what I have heard, it's been referred to committee. Typically that's NOT a good thing in a case like this... Please reach out t...
Just when we were waiting any day for the announcement that the USDA Rural program was out of funds... the Legistlature goes to work to get them back in there! We still need an official vote but the Financial Services Committee approved it unanimously. If you are not familiar with the USDA Rural ...
We have 8 days left for home buyers to reach mutual acceptance on a contract to purchase a home. This is the final stretch folks! There was A LOT of buzz at the end of last year when they extended the previous tax credit; so far it seems very clear this one will expire at the end of this month. W...
FHA loans really won't cost that much more! Lots of buzz this week about the Federal Housing Administration raising the costs of FHA loans, how they're raising the "up front" mortgage insurance premium; the annual premium, the down payment requirement for the scores and scores AND SCORES of peopl...
Good news! The home buyer tax credit has been extended! The new expiration date is June 30th, 2010. Notice anything missing from that opening line? I have omitted the words "first" and "time" because 'move-up' buyers are now potentially eligible as well (conditions apply see IRS for details etc. ...
NEWS FLASH: the Department of Housing and Urban Developed announced today that they will delay changes to the FHA Condo policy. This is good news to anyone involved in the low to mid range condo market. The changes have been delayed until December 7th (after initially being delayed from last year...
How long -- REALLY -- will interest rates stay low?!?!? This is a question I'm asked almost daily. It's probably safe to say everyone agrees one of the primary reasons why mortgage rates have stayed so low for so long is the commitment the Fed has to buying Mortgage Backed Securities from Fannie ...
For those who are acronym-challenged, MTOTD stands for "Marketing Tip of the Day." Yes I made the acronym up and really didn't expect anyone to get it, but thought it might at least get someone's attention...   Marketing Tip of the Day: Coffee on you!   Pair-up with a business partner (Title Rep,...
greetings all! Today marks my first day at Bank of America Home Loans. With this change comes additional responsibilities a shorter commute (a.k.a. a happier wife) and a new home city: Mill Creek! I'm very excited about this new chapter of my career and I am re-affirming my commitment to blogging...
Making Home Affordable, announced in February 2009 to much fanfare, promised to be the solution for 9 million homeowners. The two programs, Home Affordable Modification Program targeting homeonwers unable to make their payments because of financial hardship; and Home Affordable Refinance Program ...

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