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LIVING SPACES and the TOP TEN INDOOR PLANTS Research has shown that these 10 plants are the most effective all-aroundin counteracting off-gassed chemicals and contributing to balanced internal humidity. CAUTION some are toxic to pets1. * Areca palm       2.* Reed palm 3. * Dwarf date palm 4. * Bo...
Yesterday I wrote about toxic glopp in indoor spaces and promised that today I'd get back with you to tell you about Simple Remedies. Remember when you were in Fourth Grade and your teacher taught about plants and their amazing ability to absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen and carbohyd...
Did you know that at least 300 volatile substances found inside many homes and places of business can make you and your family sick? When I researched this, there was a B I G AHA! Moment for me...THE CULPRITS. . .detergents, gasoline, oils, plastics, rubber, synthetic fibers,tobacco, smoke, carpe...
Recently, while touring properties with my agents, we noticed that several vacation homes had at one time been occupied by other than their occasional human residents. The tell-tale signs were obvious… the remains of the formidable carpenter wood-devouring bee. Carpenter bees are prevalent throug...
Some people say I look at the world through "GREEN GLASSES"  (hoHo..see photo to right)   Trouble with that is that you can get a weird sense of your surroundings if you are not careful That's why I like to keep in touch with people all across the  country...see what they are up ide...
The Greater Asheville and Hendersonville areas of Western North Carolina have seen an influx of people investing in real property, both land and second home investments, in recent years.  As you can imagine farmland is disappearing at a rapid rate as the land opens to new development.  Land-of-Sk...
Recently, on a family vacation to the ocean, one of our family members—we’ll call him “Q”— was overcome with a fit of sneezing upon entering the home we had rented for our stay. The sneezing continued with little relief for what seemed like HOURS!. The poor guy couldn’t seem to stop sneezing and ...
Remodeling is nothing new. Back in  the mid-1700s Queen Maria of Portugal was into it...on a grand scale.This portrait, courtesy of Wikipedia , seems to reveal a woman ready to make changes in her home... And indeed, Queen Maria began making sweeping changes in one of her castles  built in the 16...
  Time must be the most convenient invention of the human mind – sometimes it's even a tool for getting to staff  meetings when everyone else does.On Tuesday, when we get together, I ask our eco-friendly Buyers' Brokers to bring clip boards and use forms we have created mostly so that we can get ...
Changing Markets, Changing Seasons:The Many Colors of a Change and OpportunityCHANGE is right here, right now, and so is Opportunity— In your routine— in where you live—and possibly even in the way you live. Change is one life-process with which we all must deal and which we all share.Here in the...

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