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We’re in a hurry-up-and-wait business.We rush to get to a listing appointment on time and then visit for awhile.We dash to meet an investor, then slowly amble over the mountainsidemaking interesting comments on topography. It all turns out just the way we’d hoped, but teeter-tottering around can ...
As I read your BLOGS, it occurs to me that many of you chose to practice real estate because you can use a former career experience and background like me. , I'm a REALTOR ®  -business person-educator-author-poet-eco-savvy person-web fancier and etc, . . .I do use this far-ranging mix in my real ...
I try to write a short essay or two every day. I have been doing this for at least a decade. Sometimes I work on my poetry. This takes WAY longer. For anyone who attempts this art form, who is not blessed with The Gift, my heart goes out. You wake up in the middle of the night with ONE word that ...
Mysteries abound in Buncombe County, North Carolina where I make my home.The Cherokee have lived in this area for a very, very long time, certainly longer than the Scots-Irish and other European immigrants.The Native Americans say that they were NOT the first ones here, however.One great-grandmot...
 In an effort to encourage U.S. cities to achieve independence from foreign and environmentally harmful energy sources, fourteen (14) US cities have, as of August, 2006 signed on to the Energy Freedom Challenge      These Fourteen Founding Cities, aka  America's Race to Independence through Renew...
One of my clients was in the market for older homes last year, but she was concerned about how these homes would stack up in terms of their home energy rating. As part of her investigation, she made it a point to discover if a home she might be interested in had a home energy rating. (HERS) Knowi...
In Asheville, N.C., with our population of about 80,000, currently 34 active,standing boards and commissions serve in the capacity of addressingthe complexities inherent in our vibrant city. There are any number of very viable pathways to sustainability. You can look at  culture, population, envi...
Our real estate practice thrives not only because we are in the hugely desirable location, Asheville, North Carolina, but because we offer extensive service to our clients. That service extends out to the community.Back in 2006...we decided to open a portion of our building as a community meeting...
Exciting new grants that real estate professionals as well as those in the sustainable communitywill want to note currently are available. Having to do with Sustainable Community Innovation these grants support creative cooperation of new community development strategieswith sustainable agricultu...
Markets stats say that a trend toward sustainable housing , the so-called "Green Market" is assured. Possibly this has a connection to "a common good”, and/or possibly we are looking at dollar opportunity in the form of a growth industry similar to  the computer industry 20 years ago. That indust...

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