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 Ms. Susie to the right here has style. .  .  .well "style" in the 50s' sense when hula hoops,  poodle skirts,sock hops, and 45s were "groovy".... There was a strong consumer market and people had money to spend. Bought homes. Bought  the  latest  "pink" appliances ...but they weren't  energy eff...
Things aren't the same as they were back in the 1950s, when hula hoops,  wearing poodle skirts to sock hops, listening to 45s, and cruising Woodward Avenue were the pastimes. Certainly people had money to spend. Bought homes. Bought  the  latest  "pink" appliances ...but those appliances weren't ...
In a recent rambling, Bryant  had  PUDs on his mind. His "condition" must be contagious! I've been sitting under a green umbrellaever since with PUDs on my mind, too. . . E-PUDsthat is!       Bryant did a great job of explaining all about PUDs so I'll  not tarry there, but instead shall sally for...
 Capture Asheville's relax and rejuvenate spirit ....THE PORCH. It's a wrap-around invitation to "set-a-spell" shaded from the heat of the daybeneath trellises laden with sheltered from the elements by that huge,overhanging roof! It keeps even  the worst rainstorms at bay. H...
This year in the valley near our home in Asheville a black bear raised three, yes three! cubs, Mom and Pop Wild Turkey and their eleven chicks roamed undisturbed, rabbits scooted here and there, and at least one coyote howled loud enough to wake visiting grandkids. Life outdid itself right out ou...
 Leading Edge. Smart. Involved. That's You.You would never crawl on toxin-laden surfaces-like the carpet you  might find in #5 below.Your living spaces are healthy from the ultimate gourmet kitchen,  sumptuous sauna-master bath,  vast solar room that breathes warm, fresh air into your surrounding...
Healthy-built Homes and Living Spaces...What are both the eco-friendly and the traditional  buyer after? Possibly a quality experience found in "green" homes. What's it like actually to live in a "green" home AKA an environmentally-conscious  dwelling? the early morning hours, to bounce ou...
 Et Voila! The Eco-Wise Investing Plan!ECO investing is an art form...part magic, part rolling out the red carpet, and part intuition. As a wise person once said, " It might look easy, but it takes lots of planning and artistic vision to lay out that red carpet."So what special understanding is r...
Talk about lucky! That's me and my team at our real estate firm. Lucky because we get to meet amazing people almost every day,including here at Active Rain.  Lucky because we get to see amazing places and properties almost every day. Lucky because of the riches... in challenge... in  good company...
Grandma was a teacher. As a young woman she and Grandpa invested in property (land) on a tropical island where they began their life as husband and wife.  Grandma's place of employment was a one-room schoolhouse in the middle of the island.  Each morning Grandma took off for school via mule. Well...

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