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Asheville, North Carolina Real Estate Market, December, 2006 thru January, 2007Residential Sales Trends/ Existing Homes  Asheville, N.C. Asheville Board of REALTORS ® December, 2006 Real Estate Market Stats Buncombe County (Asheville area), North CarolinaResidential Properties on the Market: 2078...
The Montford Neighborhood ~ Asheville, N.C. ~A Community Embracing a Sustainable Future.      MONTFORD:  Where one picture tells the story.   The MONTFORD NEIGBORHOOD in Asheville, North Carolina: Historic and Happening! Here is a neighborhood of about 300 acres that expresses a rich diversity of...
Great Neighborhoods. Asheville, NC Real Estate InformationThe Neighborhood.      Sure-fire remedy for the "cookie cutter"  blues, the tedium of  crowded highways, long commutes, and weight-gain..   .. Neighborhoods with "...attractive housing designs and lots of interesting innovation in the use ...
So I've been pretty "star struck" with discovering "trends" we could well take stock of lately.  Here's my latest fascinating news. HEY! This is as good as getting on great snow before all the other skiers, and flying down the mountain while it's pure white and almost untouched.  You'll see why I...
                                                                                                      Just the other day, an old-timer in the building industry, known for his no-nonsense ways took me aside. "So WHAT if the  Green Building Council says that  LEED-certified buildings are leading th...
"So, tell me," my silver-haired client with a printed copy of my article from janeAnne's Blog on Trends in hand asked, "I have read in Barron's , but I want to know what you, my REALTOR thinks....Is it true that there really is a trend toward green building these days?" She continued by way of ex...
Recently Bill Westel commented on my blog on  indicators pointing to Green homes being the standard by 2010  that "if one were smart finding the stocks of companies that build green home products probably would be a good investment!"  Folks, if you are interested in  trends in the real estate ma...
In North Carolina these days, people are talking about sustainable homes that reflect attention to detail .  The focus on excellence ultimately translates into a top notch product in high demand by residential property clients.The NC Healthy Built home is something homebuyers appreciate.  Here is...
REALTORS® play an important role when it comes to buyer-clients and their wise choices in the selection of homes. So much goes on behind the scenes from which our clients may benefit, but may be unaware. Take for example this month's meeting here in Asheville of REALTORS® who hold the ECO certifi...
 HELLOoooo! We all know that understanding market trends and issuesand how an industry may function in the future is one key to success. The real estate market is no exception. And if you invest  $ can pick up/download a 34 page report on key trendsin the construction industry that "provide...

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