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 The parade commenced. The cry went out.  It was heard in the neighborhood, It was heard on downtown streets. You could even see it plastered on local bulletin boards.  I am a REALTOR®. Housing as an investment is part of the decision-making process for my clients. But something new and colorful ...
 The Lakeview Park Neighborhood ~ Asheville, N.C. ~A Community Embracing a Sustainable Future. Beaver Lake and Asheville's walkable Lakeview Park Neighborhood.     Not more than five minutes from downtown Asheville, Beaver Lake shines like a diamond in the morning sun. (see photo)  Though private...
Scenario: The sale of new construction investment property about six(6) months from completion. Investor is a widow. Investor has a devoted daughter who happens to be a prize-winning architect. The daughter  favors the benefits Healthy-Built Homes offer and the principles of smart growth, new urb...
On the way to any closing, potentially troublesome things can come up. Mostly they have to do with repairs, and repair agreements,  or financing, or appraisals,  or surveys, or septic  problems, or finding lost wells without falling in to them, or coordination of schedules, or jitters ...the list...
So what's  F. David Peat, a physicist  and  quantum theory researcherdoing smiling out at you here in this real estate BLOG? Maybe because he one of the characters I am covering in my LEGENDS Series?  Yes! But more than this, he has a hot tip on how to participate in creative real estate developm...
Scenario: A Buyer's Broker looks at the dollar difference in a mortgage between a  $90,000 investment property, a doublewide, and a stick-built   $135,000 property.  Although the appearance of the properties is similar, (see photos)  she notes differences including an Energy Star Rating on the mo...
You may cross her time and again, the sometimes swift and sometimes rebellious, and sometimes welcoming French Broad.  "WHAT River is THAT?" my clients ask...and I tell them.."THAT'S the French Broad...again!It seems the French Broad River is ever-present around here...and it takes special care.....
Last week I was reviewing handwritten notes on "Steps in the 1031 Like Kind Exchange Process" and requests from our clients. 1031 rules change, so this is It's something I do every year. I noticed that a number of our clients had requested a " down home explanation"   some good old-fashioned plai...
So...I chose at this point in my career to work with individuals and groups to identify and put into permanent protection significant open space in the greater Asheville area of Western North Carolina. I want to leave this planet knowing that in some small way I planted beauty for my great-grandc...
Wouldn't it be totally amazing if we, you and I, could cure our energy depency woes?  A poet of engineered solutions with long vision and I talked about this just this afternoon. He's no ordinary guy. To his way of thinking, meeting energy demands without having to go very far from home is a "no-...

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