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LAST YEAR WE HAD OUR1st ANNUALGREEN IS RED HOT CONTEST...The following text is a  review of that contest. ARE YOU R E A D Y for the 2nd ANNUAL GREEN IS RED HOT CONTEST????? It's just  around the corner. So here's your "heads up!!!"  Don't just sit there! Plan your entry ...and GOOD LUCK!  Like th...
     For the past many years,I and my investors and clients have been  engaged in locating and acquiring  land buys with an eye to the future. In almost any season, folks from down south, and north, and west, and yes, even from Eastern North Carolina's magnificent ocean shores  head for the mount...
First of All. . .1031 Exchanges (or 1031 Like Kind Exchanges): What Are They? Most of you probably already know  but just in's a quick review. . .A 1031  Like Kind Exchangeis a transaction that "involves property held for productive use in a trade or business or for investment (except...
                                                               Today I send a happy bow of thanks to Charles Eliot, one very talented arhitect who found himself on the grounds of a castle in Europe and, drinking in the "energy of the place" managed to put it all in perspective and thus change the...
 Old car and dog lovers, you may be surprised at what is in store for you today. Believe it or not, TOTALLY worthwhile, whether you are dog-lover,  old car enthusiast, or  simply are a concerned client , or  REALTOR® facing eco-friendly challenges in property design & development, you need to lo...
So we have been looking at a REALTOR'S® perspective on the challenges of design & development in an "Infill Project"  . . .I promised to keep you up to date with this process using a project that is happening here in Asheville as a focal point. Although we are just taking our first steps, I can t...
         Our real estate practice focuses on sustainable innovation. With this in mind, the idea of software in my tool box that can help put a property in context appeals to me. For  testing and identifying dollar risks, looking at income (before and after taxes) and comparing one property to ot...
                                                                                                UPDATE: After the meeting, clients decided to move forward with looking at various possibilities for this infill project.     SCENARIO:    Before deciding how to position an infill project for developm...
Scenario: He found me at Active Rain. He was looking for answers about infill projects, design and development and the new urbanism. He told me he had read my entire BLOG. I was honored. We emailed  back and forth a few times.  He called to set up a meeting to look at his mixed useproperty. He an...

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