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TOPOGRAPHY : Asheville Eco-Community (series # 2)   This is FUN!   Topography-  I love to read topos, do you? There is mystery and adventure in each one!  I think it's exciting to get a visual of how the LAND lies. Today, continuing with  musings on the Forestry Report (see RIFF on a Forestry Rep...
In Parts I, II ,III and IV  I talked about an eco-community about to bloom not far from Asheville, N.C. I shared  how excited we are at the prospect of representing the eco-developers. Today, these eco-innovators, who are dotting their "i's" and crossing their "t's",  provided the Forestry Report...
Wild Turkeys Couldn't Keep Me Away from Beaver Lake and the Sanctuary. We walk  around Beaver Lake almost every week, visit our neighbors. We continue  to be amazed with the light-flashing waters. The surrounding mountains border the Beaver Lake as if to entice a canvas from some modern-day Frenc...
 "To live sustainably in this beautiful, peaceful, healthy, sacred place in the magnificent North Carolina mountains is to prosper" . By "prosper" , according to the Free Dictionary,  I mean:  1. To grow well or luxuriantly; thrive: The crops flourished in the rich soil...2. To do or fare well......
Many times, early in the morning, I like to go for a quick run around the World Wide Web. It's good to get perspective on trends and attitudes. It seems that each time I do this from my elegant cabin in the mountains right here in Asheville, I am amazed at the wealth of cutting edge "GREEN" news ...
I'm sort of a "common sense" kind of person.. I like waterfalls, (photo taken at eco-community near Asheville) the first snow fall, sitting around the fire with my friends, and delicious organically-grown tomatoes...IOW... balance in my life. Possibly, as a young schoolteacher in Michigan, way ba...
Not far from the cultural hub of Asheville, North Carolina yet surrounded by forever-wild mountain forests, soaring cliffs, cascading streams , and stuff of which dreams of Home are made is  the doorway to possibility in the form of an eco-community  that thrives on nature.  I'm heading over the ...
I am excited about eco-innovation. Especially when eco-innovation in the form of a model for eco-community comes to my home town, Asheville, N.C. That's right. Big News.The very first eco-development  in the country to combine wide-ranging land conservation with an eco-friendly community of solar...
Maybe it was the ready-to-plant south-facing (organic?) garden within a hop-skip-and-jump of that Green Builder's  door that did it! When I visited this remarkable home, (see photos to left and right) suddenly, for the second time this week,  Grandma's sage advice came to mind:    "Get Your Gree...
 Recently, one of our clients, an international pilot spent the weekend with us as we hunted down the perfect small farm near Asheville. In the course of our days together, he  suggested I read Barbara Kingsolver's   bestselling nonfiction book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.   In it, Barbara, recen...

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