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2008 Markets Stats. Good News will find this when you look (through green glasses?) at Green-built homes, Eco-communities, Sustainable Neighborhoods. I'm known for looking at the world of real estate through "green glasses". If you saw how sturdy the trend toward sustainable housing,...
He was standing at the door when I arrived. His smile was disarming. His eyes twinkled when he spoke. He was in town to teach an RLI Class. I'd heard about him and had chatted before, but I really hadn't had a chance to "sit down" for a talk with this Old-timer. A REALTOR® from " way back"  when ...
Green Value, An Independent Research StudySays "Thumbs Up" to Green-builts... If you read my BLOG, you probably already guessed that. Nevertheless, this is exciting news of interest to REALTORS® and our clients.   The research corroborates ...independently... Green Value , taking a good solid loo...
I ‘m wondering if, like me, you are seeing a growing interest in cohousing ? Is this an idea whose day has come? Possibly even a trend-in-the-making? I'm heading out this morning to do some "hands-on" research. I'm going to look at one eco-developer's concept for an ecovillage with cohousing pote...
 Green-Dreaming? I was reading a newsletter from one of our city commissioners here in Asheville today. She seems to be "dreaming green" and her fans say she is a "light in the community" ... From what I know, she challenges Asheville's citizens to apply some creative "human energy"  to look at ...
Fenestration.  Are you experiencing  fenestration in your daily life? You may not know it, but I bet you are, that is unless you live in a yurt above the meadows in Asheville. Or simply have your head in the clouds. Have a clue? Go on, take a guess! WHAT is "fenestration"?    I asked my friend th...
Lot 1 Hickory Nut Forest Gerton, N.C. 28735 is a Special Find! YOU could have been searching for a long time. Then, lucky person that you are, and with just a llittle help from your   ECO Certified ® Real Estate Consultant  one fine day you discover the perfect place destined to become your UNIQU...
As I threaded my way over the rocky path to one of the many waterfalls at the eco development our Firm is representing, I wondered... how did these amazing folks (see the developers in photo I took to your left)  come up with a sustainable design?  How can one create a conservation development i...
                                                                                                         You may have guessed by now that  besides being a REALTOR® here in Asheville, NC, . . .I'm also an old schoolteacher. So when I got this request to help out a neighborhood elementary school, (...
SO...having spent this weekend by a waterfall (see photo JT took ) on "forever wild" land adjacent to a conservation neighborhood our Asheville, N.C. real estate firm is getting to know...  a number of questions about conservation easements popped up in my mind. . .22 to be exact...and there are ...

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