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In pursuit of bright spots in a foggy environment this morning, I picked up my copy of  REALTOR, The Business Tool for Real Estate Professionals. Often, like many of you I suppose, I simply peruse the trade rag. But today's thumb-through "bloomed" into energy and cost-saving suggestions, when, in...
   The American Institute of Architects (AIA)  recently instituted a "GreenSteps" initiative with a series of instructive videos available for architects, other professionals and the public.   "There's been a lot of talk about changes in our climate lately. CO2 emissions, dwindling resources, and...
For many years, I've been keeping a  "Good-Eye" out for  clients who are conservation real estate land buyers and investors.   Traditionally, landowners relocating and building in Western North Carolina  have enjoyed the highlands and the many gifts of living here. But since 1975, we have found i...
 Mother was a member of the League of Women Voters. Even more than just being a member, she got involved...volunteered. Time and again over the years Mama was up at 4:00 AM and out of the house before "dawn's early light" to work at the polling place. She always came home after dusk, but with a s...
LOOKING for tax credits? Here's something you might find EXTREMELY valuable. Please note, as Mary points  in her post below, that the tax credit currenlty available is about to expire... so .interested parties your senators and congressPeople to extend  the tax credit  aut...
An  Energy Wise True or False Test  was delivered with a smile to our client who purchased  a wee rustic cabin in the mountains near Asheville with an energy-efficient mortgage. Certainly, the place was  in need of updating. The appliances were about as old as the structure itself, which is to sa...
We live in the mountains, a"sweet spot" for  for Eco Development and Communities and for people who make choices for quality of life..... Just one look at  our   view-sheds says more than a thousand words in that regard. The Asheville area mountains, the valleys, the streams and waterfalls are na...
Hickory Nut Forest in Gerton N.C.   is an evolving eco-community and conservation neighborhood . This eco-community- is an easy drive from Asheville's, cultural amenities, arts, music and delicious cuisine, as well as excellent healthcare all nearby. (17 miles, 23-27 min.)   And just 4 minutes to...
In the past two years, I have closed ten (10 ) transactions I can attribute directly to connections I made through Active Rain.  To the "Rain Gods" back in Seattle, and  All....Wow!  "Y'ALL ROCK  Active Rain!" Thanks so much for helping me achieve this 200,000 point  milestone!  It's a prodigiou...
Someone asked me just this week for my opinion on the "green-built situation" in today's mortgage market. Personally, I am very positive. Why" Because excellence and sustainability seem always to stand for themselves, even in challenging times. So, maybe I am more than "positive"....  You  could ...

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