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"...Bonobos do NOT kill each other. The females are in charge of the group and they seem to keep everyone's temper under control ..... It doesn't matter how old you are, or if you're male or female - ..." UPDATE: THIS VIDEO will take you to the news on how Bonobos write, start fires and play Pac-...
STEPHANIE EDWARDS-MUSAinspires real estate pprofessionals all the time. I  love the idea of a team of professionals working in concert for our clients and support our efforts with a "Green Design Team" here in Asheville, so I was thrilled to read this post from STEPH. Here she says, " To build a ...
What do Active Rain members Tree , Jane Rogers and Mary Love  (and a number of other Asheville GREEN real estate professionals) have in common? Well, if you were in Asheville this week, you would have found them all dashing through the pouring rain to attend a seminar taught by AR member, Mary Lo...
ECO-FRIENDLY TOURS EXPLORE GREEN ASHEVILLE -- The way to go in Asheville in 2009 "This looks like fun! "  enthused the fourth-grader.  Mom and Dad and Grandparents, our real estate clients on their initial visit to the area and in search of land for a "family legacy", smiled. He was right. It was...
Asheville- Real Estate Web 2.0 & BUILDING CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS 2009    Part 1.  The Foundation Right from the Start Have you ever noticed that many of your real estate clients approach transactions with skepticism?  During any new adventure, it seems almost like standard operating procedure (SOP)...
Asheville- Real Estate Web 2.0 & BUILDING CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS  Part 2 Win/Win 2009  I was looking at this graphic at 1000WattConsulting  (here it is...go to the link for a more readable version) Looking at it, I was reminded once again of the depth and breadth and inter-connectivity of the Real ...
Asheville- Real Estate Web 2.0 & BUILDING CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS 2009    Part 3Professional Interpretation via REALTOR® and Local Expert. In Part 2 of this series I noted that REALTORS®  possibly more so than other professionals, weave a tapestry where a dream can be fulfilled. ...the Dream, and to...
Asheville- Real Estate Web 2.0 & BUILDING CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS 2009 Part 4 Re-connecting, Just Getting to Know or Building Sustainable Relationships—in the fast-paced Real Estate Web 2.0 Environment things are changing everyday. The face-to-face meeting and handshake may take place long after an...
 In Parts 1, 2, 3  of this series, I have been exploring Real Estate Web 2.0 and building relationships.  No doubt about it, for me, writing a post each day, focusing it for my clients and prospective clients who are interested in GREEN  and sustainable homes, conservation land, eco design and de...
Asheville- Real Estate Web 2.0 & BUILDING CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS 2009      Part 6  The Keys to Success  Have you ever wondered what the secret of longevity in the practice of real estate IS? I have. And I think the keys to success have much to do with authentic communication interpretation of data ...

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