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Dateline Asheville, North Carolina, September, 2009Real Estate News and Views from "GREEN-O-Lina" ..LOOKING FOR THE "RIGHT" PLACE TO CALL HOME?? I asked these guys (see photo) to give me their List of 20 Eco-friendly features that are important to them. You'll see the result below. How many of th...
Dateline Asheville, North Carolina, September, 2009News and Views from Asheville's "GREEN-O-Lina" For anyone looking at loan modification and/or mitigation, whether you live in Asheville, NC or Anytown, USA,  a gigantic hurry-up-and-wait process is certain.  You rush to get all the required paper...
I just attended AMY CHOREW'S webinar. Because I am so attracted to the idea of authentic communication via the WWW,and because it "feels" to me that video is one way to accomplish this, I am thrilled to report that AMY CHOREW has valuable advice.  Not only this...but she coaches with style, effic...
It has been raining magic in the mountains. Tall pines and rising peaks are mirrored in sparkling rivulets along the roadside.     I followed their trail via North Haven, the gently winding way leading to the cabins at Creston Preserve, (see photo) a conservation-oriented community near Black Mou...
  __~o -\_<,                                        (*)/'(*)    .......... keep on rolling into the sustainable  world you can create today and tomorrow!. .........................    .............with OBJECTIVE FIDUCIARY COUNSEL & Asheville Real Estate Consults. ECO STEWARDS...
Dateline Asheville, North Carolina, September, 2009Real Estate News and Views from Green Asheville's "Stay-in-Your-Home" Eco-Steward I've been out on the trails at Creston Preserve this week, reporting in almost daily with short posts and from my little hand-held camera. I figure that's a good w...
I've been vacationing near home this week. I am adventuring in conservation areas--looking for wildlife (small varieties! -- like the wild turkey who crossed the trail today)--and ready for great photo opps. Today I am out at Creston Preserve. Three reasons I like it here...besides the peaceful a...
For those of you who on LABOR DAY labor in the field of real estate, this post from Broker Bryant...who knows his short sale stuff...and is generous here with information... Hi folks. I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day. Today I want to talk about Short Sales. Big surprise right? More spe...
What better way to engage your energy on Labor Day than to head out to the mountains near Asheville in search of a worthy enterprise. For me, today that included a hike at Creston Preserve and the less strenuous pursuit of a beautiful blue butterfly who turned out to like the camera. Happy Pursui...

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