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JO-ANNE SMITH has a way of telling a story. I subscribe to her blog because I know that I will find a certain perspective based on values that ma tter to me and to those who read my blog.  Here JO-ANNE posts here thoughts on kindness, so appropriate for this time of year...and for 365 days, too.....
GOING GREEN: Mountain homes and land legacies I am excited about the trend toward eco-savvy communities in the Asheville NCarea. In a time when many communities may be drawing inward, the opposite seems true when I research eco-friendly communities for my clients. Here is an example - news from H...
CHRISTA ROSS caught my attention with this post. While many join the beleive it or not debate, CHRISTA points out something more immediate...READ ONIt seems these days lines are being drawn between those that "believe" in global warming and those that don't. Well guess what, I am not an environme...
MARK HALL has good advice if you are traveling now, during the holidays, or any time of the year. MARK points out in the post that follows that , " Eco tourism is responsible travel. Responsible travel is travel with a purpose. When choosing destinations, accommodations, and tour oper...
the green real estate Asheville: GOING GREEN By shifting to a sustainable and low-maintenance approach in landscape design, trading out plants that demand a lot of attention and substituting plants that seem to do well on their own, many of us around Asheville, NC have found more time to be "neig...
Possibly you already have an idea that comfortable-green and eco-friendly homes offer positive possibilities for you and your family. Today I am wondering which features in your green home and land are most important to you. For example- how would you rate the reduction in the cost of utilities? ...
the green real estate Asheville Journal-greenhomes and land legacies : I happened on succinct information from Blueprint for America, an initiative of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) today. Blueprint for America encourages communities to think about the possibilities for and within the...
green real estate Asheville: Last week I took a client to see an emerging Eco-Community about 25 minutes from downtown Asheville, NC. it is located in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains.  I consider it a gem amidst the sparkling Hickory Nut Gorge. Out your back door, you can hike for miles. Yo...
Asheville Green Built Homes 2009 Report   Part 2      green real estate asheville Green Real Estate Market 2009CLOSED GREEN HOMES GOING GREEN and observing the trends in the eco-friendly market? Come to Asheville, NC. You may have heard forecasts that cloudy days in much of the market will prevai...
LESLIE GODBOLD is one of the most energetic and creative staging experts I have met. I can say this from first-hand experience. I attribute a number of our sales to her genius. Here LESLIE offers advice that you may want to consider!My name is Leslie Godbold and I am suppose to write Blog #2 in a...

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