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Dateline- Asheville, NC In March 2009, Nordstrom Girl's Shoes, made in China, were recalled. Surface paint on the outer sole of these shoes contains excessive levels of lead. That set off a fury of questions among the parents of the girls, and the girls themselves. NOTE:  "Where Lead Hides" click...
Creative Retirees Pick Asheville NC- Old Dog-New Tricks? YES!Asheville homes for sale near Center for Creative Retirement "If you're thinking about retiring or relocating to a community with an arts focus, here's [Asheville, NC] where there is a healthy arts climate....  Active retirees who love ...
Rain chains according to Wikipedia are "alternatives to a downspout...[whose] purpose is largely decorative...." And certainly, they are. They offer melodic interpretations of water heading to the ground. Sometimes, there is a the potential for a three dimensional moment.   However, here in the A...
Asheville NC. The Land. The Lots. The February Sky. And a Fabulous FSBO.   Sunday in the Asheville area mountains. Winter.  The trees are bare. The sun is shining. This is the perfect time to scout parcels of land . These are the days LOTS and LAND reveal what they are "made of."  Take for exampl...
LEED Certified Asheville NC  Detailed documentation requirements related to earning LEED credits discourages many builders from obtaining the certification.It is the rare builder who dares to climb the mountain of paperwork and jump the hurdles involved in the process.  We are looking for such ra...
Lots and acreage enjoy a special position in the real estate investment market, especially in Asheville NC where our clients have a vested interest in maintaining quality of life in the mountains. More and more we are seeing thoughtful development where homes on the land, such as this horse prope...
Asheville eco-friendly lots and land, and a white cat predict  positive futures in 2010 and beyond.   "Follow a white cat  and  you may 'sense' the very land beneath your feet." a mountain man told me not long ago. Just an old myth? Possibly true. However, so many of my land clients know right aw...
MYRL JEFFCOAT has the heart of a poet...the eye of an artists...and the imagination to bring them to life through her photography. What a beautiful Valentine Gift she shares here...One of the more wonderful things about being in the Florida Keys, is the ability to be in a place which produces gor...
Asheville NC snow storm. Power out for days. No problem. Toss another log on the fire, and if you are thirsty. a cold drink is just the ice chair...I call this photo..."I'm snow-cold, I'm shakin'."
5 Tips for Buying Land in  Asheville NC  that Work No Matter Where You Live 1.  Find a local expert who enjoys the out-of-doors to assist you(see photo of Asheville real estate land expert) This professional land expert knows how to answer important questions about the land. SEE THIS POST. 2. Pla...

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