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Mountain Homes and Land Legacies Real Estate Journal Series - Dateline Asheville, NC FYI ~Second Vacation Home 1031 Investors- IRS Closes Loophole- Second and Vacation Homes Over morning tea and scones we happened on an article   by Donna Fuscaldo who has written about personal finance for more t...
Dateline Asheville~ Reporting on the OBAMA visit to Asheville, NC,-Reporter's Pool (you can see a video of life as First Couple with the ever-present thronging mass of Reporters here) had this to say : Neither of the First Hikers seemed winded.... "After a more than hour-long hike that your poole...
  From beneath our umbrella here in Asheville this morning, we emerge... after a wild rainstorm with huge thunderclaps and brilliant lightning that lit the moonless mountainside in the wee hours this view. It seems a miracle almost. The air is clean and crisp...trees bordering a canvas of p...
Visitors to Asheville, NC  seem to enjoy our one-of-a-kind local eateries. Take for example this Presidential Couple caught on video at 12 Bones   today. If you should happen to pick up on the "special energy" our mountain town enjoys, you could also find that urban living...
With the visit this weekend to Asheville of The Obamas, who chose to take a mini-vacation in our town,we realized, once again,  just how attractive Asheville is! ... YES! Yes- if you are seeking location, location, location, the return on investment (ROI) potential for land and/or second and vaca...
EARTH DAY, 2010. As we look out over the valley here in Asheville this morning, we see a thousand shades of green and pink that dazzle the landscape.  By the light of the moon tonight  we will gaze at the heavens, feel blessed, and plant our seeds. And so our  hearts are full. Here's to Life on  ...
I read JO SMITH'S BLOG every day. Her words of wisdom and caring reach out across spaces and time. In the post that follows, she writes, " My passion filled me sometimes so strongly that tears would rise to my eyes at the thought of all we were doing to effect change, and all that still needed to...
Today we headed out to visit our friend who has a building site at Creston Preserve near Black Mountain, NC.  We hiked down the gentle slope,  past the twin mountain laurels toward the sound of the waterfall. The sun was just rising. It was about 65 degrees- perfect day for a hike through the woo...
  Ah! To ride the sunbeamswith April's scarlet rhodies, stretching,     while the morning's mountain breeze, perfumed by violets and pansies,tickles spring-pink faeries 'neath the yellow daffodils, sets off tiny chimes of laughterat the very center of the land where my heart resides,where all bo...

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