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"Without a witness, they just disappear..." Last night Taking Chance (see video trailer below) was aired .... Taking Chance is a 2009 historical drama based upon the true experiences of Lt. Col. Michael Strobl  played by Kevin Bacon. As he escorts  the body of  Marine, PFC Chance Phelps(posthumou...
As an unabashed animal advocate and admirer, I am fascinated with a town in the Greater Asheville area our neighbor just 30 minutes form downtown A'ville, Brevard. Brevard is the home to an array of amazing offerings, but one of my favorites, being the animal-lover I am,  is the Annual White Squi...
If you desire to create a space on the Leading Edge, check out what ALEX CHANG has to say in the post that follows. Summing it up..." appears that to be good at EdgeRank you need to create content that people want to engage with (by sharing, liking or commenting) and do it with some frequenc...
For the thousands of those of us who knew her, JO says it...Sometimes there is no more.  Sometimes, someone we cherish with all of our hearts and our souls, never recovers from an illness and we are never able to share our heart felt thoughts and love with them again. Carole Provenzale and I met ...
A Spirit Lives Not Bound By Time   If  I turn my head just-so, my ear,  adorned with ringsfor luck, I'm told, might heara rose-breasted grosbeakor a scarlet tanager,or a yellow-billed cuckoo,or a ruby-throated hummingbird,or even ayellow-bellied sapsucker!Oh, and I will listen for anywho may sing...
"Land For Sale Asheville Just 20 Minutes" read the FSBO (owner's) sign on the side of the road. I skidded to a stop. Pulled over to the side. Backed up... carefully. Scouting the Asheville mountain area for land for sale  is always an adventure, especially if it is mountain land for sale by owner...
here, CARRA RILEY provides a look into her experience in today's real estate market. Whether you are selling your property, or are listing a property for sale for your clients, this simple to understand post about attitude is well-worth the read...all the way through the comments and to CARRA'S r...
Asheville, NC, as you may know if you read my blog, is the hub of sustainable innovation when it comes to real estate. It is exciting. And promising. A couple of LEED®  Builders took a tour with me of The Villages at Crest Mountain  to see what I am so excited about. Here we found HealthyBuilt® H...
  I don't question the vagaries of the universe sauvage,nor my small place within it, nor do I concern myself to distraction,with all that could be wrong in the world, because I know that Lady Possibilityblows kisses all the time. . ..  She raises a hand in her fragranced glove,and sends off all ...
Do You Have a "Mom and Apple Pie" Relationship with Your Home?Asheville Real Estate Journal  From the first to the last breath we take we human beings, it seems, come equipped with a radar for relationships. I know some people who smile just thinking about "Mom and Apple Pie." (a la mode some mig...

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