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MARY BIGELOW, in the post that follows, offers the promise of  positive possibilities...much needed today when energy efficiency is a priority and on the minds of many people who are looking for ways to remedy potentially far-reaching and disastrous effects ...over which they have no control...Im...
It's GreenGolf Time, and we are making the rounds. -From Asheville' s Mountain golf courses to the Coast of North Carolina, our state is just about "as perfect as it gets" for golfers.  The legendary North Carolina Golf Courses not only are stunning, but are environmentally-sensitive.   So, this ...
We make it a practice to keep an eye out for clients eager to relocate to Asheville with the intention of creating a family farm of their own. So this weekend, June 26th and 27th,  we are heading out to visit at least 10 family farms in the Asheville area to meet farmers who already have done thi...
While most, if not all, golf communities present lovely landscapes to delight the eye and challenge the golfer, golf communities do differ in their standards of environmental stewardship and sustainability.  Marriott's managed golf courses,   for example,  throughout North America have received A...
HOMES on the GREENside in Asheville Neighborhoods....! Summer is here. many of you will be thinking of heading out of the city for a relaxing time with your family. Here in Asheville, our peak vacation season is upon us. No wonder! It is cool in the mountains and there is so much to do here!  It ...
  What’s the first step when you are ready to invest in a second home?  Some say it is “crunching the numbers” and we agree- to a point. But, we would like to expand on that: It is not just the $$$ numbers, but the numbers of years the second home will be held; the number of miles to the nearest ...
In an earlier post, we mentioned that recent figures from The National Association of Realtors show an upward trend in the number of second homes purchased for investment purposes. Good News : The National Association of REALTORS® said Monday (6/7/2010)  that sales of previously owned homes rose ...
  Here in the Asheville area, you can travel for an hour or so and find places for a family getaway that are not only beautiful, but pristine. Now you don’t have to travel far to experience this beauty. But if you are thinking about acquiring a second home, you may want to consider a certain pers...
Vacation Homes as Investments Asheville, NC is one of our favorite topics these days.   We have, in the Asheville real estate market, a  number of clients  who are investing in Asheville,  choosing to opt out of their condos at the beach and utilize their 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges here in the m...
Investment Properties.  Before making a commitment to invest in a second or vacation home in Asheville, here are a few things you may want to consider 1. How lenders see a primary residence as compared to and investment property ( one you as  a borrower will  not occupy.) This property generally ...

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