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LEESA FINLEY has it right when she states her opinion in the post below. " I cringe when I speak with a buyer or seller and they come at me with all their research from Zillow.  They already have a predetermined listprice based on what they learned from Zillow or they think they already know if a...
BEARS....Here in Asheville, bears who, with their cubs  travel along the same path  they have for hundreds of years,  now encounter development. (see photo) JOHN HOWARD says in the post that follows, " The tough part is that some people never do learn to play by the rules....those very spe...
Asheville and mountain golf requires a certain "perspective". Let' say it is not a level playing field (pardon the pun.)  But if you are making a trip to the Carolinas and want to start on the coast before you wend your way UP to the hills and mountains of Western North Carolina and our amazing m...
        A Dream Come True in Asheville If you have dreamed of the North Carolina mountains- of crossing a sweet stream to your enchanted garden there to find a cottage graced with flowering trees and a place in the sun to grow organic tomatoes - a place with a garden gate and fencing for your pet...
LOLA AUDU is a person I admire. I know this because I have been reading her posts for years. Yes! I subscribe to her blog. Yes! LOLA always has something to say, and that something to say is going to be worth noting.  Today she asked a question, " ... is your Physical, Relational and Virtual cult...
I just reBlogged a post on wild horses(it's just after this one.) I was shaking my head wondering how we human beings can be the way we seem to be;  oblivious to the perils other living creatures face when they encounter us, when I read (and now am reBlogging GARY 'S post . Consider the disappear...
Wild creatures far and near suffer the consequences of human "interventions" as appears to be the case when it comes to wild horses. We have a dwindling wild horse population on the Outer Banks here in North Carolina. Reading the post that follows by VEGAS BOB made me shake my head and wonder...l...
  On what appear to be the hottest days of the summer, and the weekend that historically promises huge downpours, which held true today,  the "Happiest City in the U.S.A." maintains her sense of humor with an exciting street fair. Asheville turns over her downtown to BELE CHERE (pron bell share)...
"We are relocating to Asheville NC and want to know what to expect in home prices in today's real estate market," read the email we received just the other day. "Is this a good time for buyers to get a bargain?" We often get emails like this. And so, we often check the real estate market statisti...
While watching the British Open at St. Andrews, The Home of Golf"in Fife, Scotland this weekend, I was reminded of the history of the Old Course at this Home of Golf, where the game has been nurtured and developed for 600 years. AH! And the "weather" turned up to play along with the pros. Did you...

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