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Does Indoor Air Quality Concern YOU? Well hop on over to Asheville mid-October. The Asheville Section of the American Institute of Architects is offering a fascinating Lunch-n-Learn! This Lunch-n-Learn addresses one solution to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in your home and/or workplace. And I just he...
Asheville's Appalachian Mountain Cat   Oh Cat, you give wing to my heart,and take my breath awayas you dance on the narrow beam.transform, in sculpted shadows, and luminous light-spheres this early morn in Asheville's Appalachiansinto sweet adventure.  The essence of wild,you wander through the h...
Sunday in Asheville. It has been raining for 12 hours. We didn't slide down the ridge, and there is freshness in the air. With that clearing comes a fresh thought or two about looking outside everyday answers to find a new model for doing business in a sustainable world.  A Fresh Thought .A frien...
Asheville Green Homes For Sale  Tour- Is This Weekend!   This weekend the annual Green Home Tour is on our agenda. Here's a link with great photos and details you are interested in learning more about this opportunity to see leading edge developments in sustainable shelter.
LOU JEWELL was and continues to be my favorite instructor in LAND. As a Land Specialist here in the mountains of Asheville, what I have learned from LOU serves me well each time I show Land!  In the post that follows, LOU recommends three places to begin to search for Land...and, what I consider ...
  Contrasts Work Together  These elements viewed in black and white,by time honed smooth, by man cut right,these gifts of nature  fieldstone - woodland tree,in our homesadopt new names, a different way of being..."repurposed," they say with a fresh face "powdered" by a worthy crew.Rocks and Timbe...
For years this blog has focused on ways we can  ground ourselves in practical real estate solutions for sustainable innovation. Much of what has been written here has to do with choices in real estate that include growing community and the everyday challenges of providing a healthy-built home, be...
COREY ATHERTON is one of our favorite real estate experts here in the Asheville area.He has a great handle on land and home values. In the post that follows, COREY points out the excellent features of one of our favorite conservation developments in the Asheville area. This development, CRESTON,...
In the post that follows, LORA STERN asks a question that got me thinking this morning and maybe will get you thinking, too. LORA asks, " Did you know that when you turn a TV or computer (or any appliance, for that matter) off, its not really off?" "So long as it's plugged in, it's using energy,"...
Big mists over the mountains this morning. As I sat by the window working on a post for my blog, sheet-after-sheet  of low-flying clouds mixed with sprinkles enveloped the landscape. Then...suddenly a movement of another sort...and very close by.  It was just for a second, mind you, and I didn't ...

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