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I have never been to Tucson, have you? i have always wanted to visit, and have wondered if there is still GOLD in them thar' hills.. MIKE JONES one of our favorite bloogers posted the essay that follows today. ..along with some excellent words of advice. Now I'm saddling up Old Paint and heading ...
The mountains. The winter. Dinner had already been served- but not dessert - when the heavens opened with the sweet delight of snow just outside our cabin door- and so she headed out to lick the frosting from her nose....     MyTwylah....and Snow Frosting.... _____________________________________...
Captivated by Concrete:   Engrossed in research for a series of posts - - " An  Expose of  the Hottest Home Trends and Smart Renovations of 2010 , "  I have been captivated with the function and versatility of concrete.  Previously unaware that " ....  concrete countertops are quickly becoming th...
You can design your own kitchen, bathroom, patio...and, at the same time,  stamp your signature into concrete. How exciting is that??  If you have been following this series, you will know that our eco-friendly colleagues here in Asheville, the Hub of Green, sure are. Solid and durable, it also i...
Ever since I participated in a site evaluation of a Green-Built home, where I first experienced the luster of concrete flooring, I have been fascinated with the possibilities for concrete in residential properties.    Because the home that was being evaluated was complying with HealthyBuilt stand...
Asheville NC Real Estate 2010-style means smart renovations. Thoughtful updates, eco-friendly 'green-ups" and the choice of sustainable materials create  interest where these features are in high demand. One of our clients is proof positive. Enthused about the value-added benefit of eco-friendly ...
Asheville NC Real Estate - Smart Renovations 2010  include. . .  CONCRETE! In the Asheville NC real estate market , where eco-friendly features such as concrete innovations and design trends add-value to residential properties, I have been asking, " Are you ready to discover one of the newest des...
  __~o -\_<,                                        (*)/'(*)    ..........      ............ Asheville NC Real Estate:     LAND in  Asheville . Going Green Properties. Expert Tools for Sellers and Buyers of  Mountain Homes and Land Legacies. "On the roll for  sustainable  innovation." See also o...
Going Green: Faux-green to Real-deal- Asheville NC Real Estate and Beyond  If you are Going Green, how do you tell the difference between faux-green and the real-deal? If you are in the Asheville NC real estate market or in Anytown, USA,  this can be an amazing challenge.  There are so many shade...
LAND  and Green-Built Homes in The Mountains- Market Remain StrongReal Estate in Greater Asheville, North Carolina Excellent eco-friendly properties promise appreciationin the Greater Asheville area mountains with predictions of stability during 2010.  Eco-designed developments, green-built homes...

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