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Asheville Area Real Estate JournalGateway Mountain Community, Asheville Area Picnics and Day Trips Series  Come along as we journey to various developments in the Asheville area. Today we are heading out to Gateway Mountain Community, near Old Fort and Black Mountain, NC. We plan to walk the road...
"Tail"-Wind at Gateway Mountain On this Speechless Sunday, the wee dog knows what it's like to get one's "tail feathers" ruffled atop the Asheville Area's Fabulous Gateway Mountain- 3,000 acres, views, waterfalls...and a "Tail"-wind...
Asheville Area Real Estate JournalBear River Lodge, Asheville Area Picnics and Day Trips Series  Come along as we journey to various developments in the Asheville area. Today we are heading out to Bear River Lodge outside of Marshall, NC. This development is bordered by the gorgeous Big Laurel Ri...
Welcome Home to Asheville- the "Happiest City in the USA!" Live Asheville- Real Estate Relocating Buyers' Toolkit (Part 2) . Site and Design Evaluation: A Sustainable and Comfortable Environment A Sustainable Site Design preserves mature hardwood trees and native greenery while taking advantage o...
Our Asheville real estate brokers, seen here sitting around the table discussing the current real estate market in Asheville, are looking to the Future. What will 2011 hold in terms of positive action and possibilities for our real estate clients? According to a recent National Association of REA...
Speechless is what we were as we strolled the path by our Asheville cabin this early morning...charmed first by the stillness, then by the sun beams dancing to nature's songs.... Then, all at once, a stacatto- HONKING! Turn up the volume, and follow what our camera captured...let me know if you s...
We met this dancer when she was looking at eco-communities here in Asheville...Here is her Dance Project...and aerial dance IN the trees of the National by Dave Matthews... ... ... Let me know if this video experience brings a smile to your face, as it did mine... =) ______________...
New Standards for Home Efficiency Retrofits? In an article for Environmental Network News,  David  Gabel reveals that  the EPA is seeking to establish new standards for home improvements that would increase energy efficiency. The  EPA is asking for comments from the public., and has released a dr...
QEP (Qualified Energy Property) Tax Credit for Homeowners - The word is that the Federal Energy Efficiency Tax Credit  expires at the end of next month- December 30, 2010. So if you are thinking about replacing  certain windows, doors, a metal and/or asphalt roof, adding skylights, insulation or ...
Asheville real estate clients, a retired airline pilot and his wife  who refer to themselves as quintessential Baby Boomers, are excited about relocating to beautiful Western North Carolina- getting settled in a new home here in Asheville.     I, Greenolina  am excited about the prospects for the...

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