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 Asheville Real Estate Journal As I pondered the items on one of my Listservs the other day, I came across a simple but elegant "ad" from a land-buyer here in Asheville. Originally written in  prose, the words, the tempo, and the sentiment were so lyrical that they called to my heart. I translate...
"There will be peace in the valley for me, some dayThere will be peace in the valley for me...There'll be no sadness, no sorrow trouble, trouble I seeThere will be peace in the valley for me..."AS SUNG BY ELVIS   Elvis Presley Peace in the ValleyWritten by Rev. Thomas A. Dorsey   Asheville,...
Flower Drinking Sun - Asheville-Style   _____________________________________________________________   NAR GREEN®, EcoBroker®, Eco Certified ®Real Estate Consultant. INFORMED CHOICES. THOUGHTFUL ADVICE. Unauthorized reproduction of any information including photos  on this site is a violation of...
We try to honor our service and assistance commitments...however...there are times in #6 in the reblogged post below...we may not choose to sign an Exclusive Right to Represent contract this thought-provoking post and let me know what you think...1. You aren't approved. 2. You ...
When was the last time you camped in the forest and gazed up through the sentinels, the trees, at the starry sky above? Here is a photo I took last week while on an assignment for a Land Buyer concerned with light pollution. " Hundreds of millions of lights are poorly designed. They send light up...
Green  Gone MainstreamAsheville Real Estate Journal  Sustainable innovation:   Smaller footprints, daylighting , snug building shells, Energy Star ®appliances, no/low VOC paints and adhesives, rainwater harvesting...and the going green list goes on with features that are touted as good for your h...
Springboard- Asheville Photo Series
For anyone who is interested in going green in an alternative, possibly hand-built,'s a post from a member of our ECO-All-Star Group that may intrigue you... PS...we have YURTS here in Asheville,NC  tooSo what exactly is a Yurt anyway?  I first heard of one when a friend who had moved ...
Our colleague Georgina has a laudable plan...she writes, " ...We all need to support our local small farms by buying our fruits and veggies locally.  These are families who toil hard so that we can have delicious things to eat on our tables.  Without them we'll all be eating corporate McFood, an...
Asheville Real Estate Journal  Interested in sustainable commercial real estate? Asheville's the place to be a "tyro" - noun: One who is beginning to learn something.- and there is much to inspire that.  Take for example, this week's offering from Assistant Professor of the UNCC School of Archite...

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