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  NEWS from Upside Down  HEY! that dog might own a nose like a compass—sniffing hither and yon between then and again,and spinning tails...that's my old friend.  But then,  I-The-Cat might add and/or suggest,my nuzzler really plots what's best. In factthis Cat can allow, how life antd times appea...
In the post that follows, JENNIFER offers an assessment of attributes I like to think our team possesses. MLS mastery is especially important to our team ... as we do so much in the way of relocation to our mountains here in Asheville and so spend many hours sharing information with clients acros...
2012- Looking Ahead  - Supply and Demand For real estate professionals and our clients, keeping an eye on real estate market trends and how the industry may function in the future can be a  key to success today…and into the future. “We have a limited amount of resources available and more and mor...
GAIL ROBINSON is the kind of person who I would choose to work with any day! I know that I would find in her a genuine and attentive professional. And more than this, I could count on learning something...possibly making a lifetime connection that matters. In the post that follows, GAIL expresses...
    O 'tis true bards and ballad hunterstravel the mountains of North Carolina seeking inspiration for their songs….   Ah! but are they unaware that such treasures could be found if they simply sat still with me upon the ridge ?   O to listen to the sounds of Asheville’s mountains …. Especially i...
Asheville Homes on the Land For SaleAsheville Real Estate Journal Western North Carolina’s first settlers helped to shape the farms, farming and settlement patterns of the Asheville Appalachian mountain region that people in the Carolinas carry on to this day, as detailed in Parts 1 and 2 of this...
Home on the LandAsheville Real Estate Journal  Sustainable Farming -Asheville Though the Generations- Early settlers in the Carolinas, my “far-grandparents” being among them, borrowed agricultural practices from the Native Americans. They incorporated them into their own farming practices  creati...
Home And Land- Asheville Yesterday and Today-  (1) Home on the LandAsheville Real Estate Journal Interested in preserving  farmlands and mountain landscapes? Perhaps your interest, like ours is inherited.  Our ancestors arrived in the Carolinas in the 1770s, when English, German, Scottish, Irish,...
KENILWORTH Part 2  In exploring Kenilworth, one of Asheville's sustainable neighborhoods, the following quotation may be one of its most descriptive references …  “Because of its hill-and-gully topography, you’d be hard pressed to find a square corner anywhere in Kenilworth, one of Asheville’s mo...
  The following  may be one of the most descriptive references to a favorite Asheville community, Kenilworth.  “Because of its hill-and-gully topography, you’d be hard pressed to find a square corner anywhere in Kenilworth, one of Asheville’s most historic and beautiful neighborhoods. These same ...

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