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The Chestnut Mountain Neighborhood (see my VIDEO walk) might be known as Asheville Boomers' Top (un) Retirement Heaven. Take a walk with me along the trails and this building site at Asheville's Chestnut Mountain where the Green Plan means that mountain views are a gift all year round. Build a ho...
FYI BOOMERS -UrbanHousing is Going MainstreamAsheville Real Estate JournalQuestion 9. What are the most desirable features Baby Boomers seek if they choose to live in an urban environment? According to a recent article in USA Today- there is a definite shift in housing development from a suburban...
  Asheville Baby Boomers' Desire Beautiful Homes  Asheville Real Estate Journal   When deciding whether to remodel utilizing universal design elements and stay in our homes or build a new home, Baby Boomers, who are known to be a sensitive to subtle elegance and beautiful decor, may hit a percept...
…  memorial day 2012 ...   . . .they have gone off to battlegrounds, surrendered their bodies to a dangerous drama,but we remain—we are like pieces in this human puzzle, where others bleed or go missing,so, in that sense, we are incomplete. We stand at a “final resting place” today bedecked with ...
Can Our Luxury Home Also Be “Green”?  (7)Asheville Real Estate Journal Baby Boomers are deciding whether to stay in their homes or move to another home. Known to be a strongly eco-conscious segment of the population, Boomer clients frequently ask me about what to consider in this regard. Here are...
References - Baby Boomers, Future Homes and Universal DesignAsheville Real Estate JournalBaby Boomers ask for online references for a deeper understanding about ways to ensure being comfortable in their homes over the coming years. In our conversations with clients,  the worthiness and value-adde...
Weighty Issues?  Coach Yourself Thin  ...A Note about Personal Sustainability   My dear friend Greg Hottinger sent this note (below) to me this morning. Greg is the co-author of Coach Yourself Thin and top consultant for The Biggest Loser. He is also a Great Guy who has helped me keep my weight w...
Choose to Stay Put? -Baby Boomers Answer YES! – Asheville Real Estate Journal Here’s something new- but you might already have surmised it… Baby Boomers are choosing to  "stay put" in our  homes- (with a gorgeous healthy-built home like this,  who wouldn't?) - just another way we have a different...
Keeping Good Heart The hosta you gave me comes back every year,to remind me how lucky I wasto have you in my lifeif even for just that blinkof the cosmic eye.We named her Hope,you and I. At first we kept her close,in the pot in which you presented her,each of you reaching out,(or so it appeared,)...
Aging in P A L A C E- Baby Boomers' Feathered Nests & Universal Design Concepts(4) Asheville Real Estate Journal Aging in a PALACE as opposed to "aging-in-place" makes sense to Baby Boomers.Tell me,does it seem likely to you that the Baby Boomers you know will choose to move to “retirement homes”...

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