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Drovers Road Preserve –LAND, Asheville Area -Sustainable Development Looking for Land in all the “right” places?? Points of Interest:   Tune into Drovers Road Preserve, for excellence in sustainable/eco–friendly practices and development. One of the first things you notice right as you enter Drov...
The Lakeview Park Neighborhood ~ Asheville, N.C. ~A Community Embracing a Sustainable Future.____ Points of Interest: Five minutes from downtown Asheville, and close to clothing shops, bakeries, local restaurants and umbrellas at the coffee house, is sweet Lakeview Park.   If you are up for a bri...
Grove Park Sustainable Neighborhood –National Historic in AshevilleAsheville Real Estate Journal____Points of Interest: One of the most intriguing neighborhoods in Asheville, NC, isGrove Park. This neighborhood , within easy walking distance of downtown Asheville, bakeries, coffee shops and resta...
Asheville Area & Eco-Friendly: VIDEO- THE SETTINGS NeighborhoodAsheville Real Estate Journal There is a good-deal to be said about The Settings in terms of Green real estate- Location? Just 20 minutes from downtown Asheviille and only a mile or so from Black Mountain NC...puts this eco-friendly d...
Hickory Nut Forest a Green Community  Special Find Laughing Waters VIDEO   ____  POINTS OF INTEREST: This eco-friendly development named for the Hickory Nut Forest is a "special find" if you seek a True Green multigenerational  community within a short driving distance of Asheville.    And , the ...
  How to "Energize" the ABCs of Green Real Estate- Asheville Green Real Estate Journal   Today's project? Find out how to make the ABCs of Green Real Estate work 365 days a year. Could it be as simple as making a choice to be neighborly? Good Question!   Most of us love the idea of bringing energ...
Asheville Green Real Estate FYI-What Lasts? (Part 1) Asheville Green Real Estate Journal   WHAT LASTS? In Asheville, NC, the conversation about green real estate is turning to the subject of sustainability. It is just part of an on-going back porch conversation between neighbors and friends on th...
   Montford Neighborhood -What Lasts (part 2)Asheville Green Real Estate Conversation…Asheville Real Estate Journal   The Scene: Asheville's Montford neighborhood- a balmy evening- and the sound of an eco-friendly conversation from the back porch overlooking one of  the Montford Neighbohood's par...
This looks like such a peaceful scene, doesn't it? Just a soft summer day meant for relaxing on the deck ...sipping sweet-tea and making conversation with the pink petunias while the umbrella guards against the afternoon sun....But then ...   other plans lay in store for this unsuspecting person...
Asheville Picnics and Day Trips  : Rolling Land Before the MountainsAsheville Real Estate Journal If you are a Land Broker like I am, you love the LAND. Previewing Land for your clients is a euphemism for a timely and delightful " Scenic Mini-Vacation".  . . Especially when you take your camera a...

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