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Ponds First of all, I am not objective when it comes to PONDS, or our colleague Jan Goldfield who must know more about the Making of an Amazing Water Feature than almost anyone else in the entire USA. I mean! Take a look at this one that she created...and start imagining one such as this at your ...
Here is My Twy ...her 14th Birthday TODAY! with one of her presents...and here is my gratitude ..for all the years...for poking me, licking me and literally saving my life when I fell and lay knocked out in a snow bank...for so much FUN...and for your Big Heart!! YOU ARE A GREAT DOG. MyTwy   XOXO...
Aging in-Place? NO?  Then here is some practical advice for our friends with white hair (in all its phases and implications of becoming)...from VALERIE... When it comes to downsizing, she offers practical advice for all of us (especially Baby Boomers) on what to do about treasures (or NOT treasur...
 Walkable Neighborhoods- Lakeview Park and Montford- Asheville, NC.Asheville Real Estate Journal Walkability offers awesome benefits for people of all ages. Baby (as in my photo) or Baby Boomer our health, a healthy environment, even money matters and  our communities can  enjoy the benefits of w...
Moving on to the spa...or bathroom...let's take a look at how green and universal design elements work together to make this room a comfort for all who enter... especially Baby Boomers who are ocnsidering aging-in-place... (which I prefer to call Aging-in-Palace©) KRISTINA points out the value of...
CHARLES has included a very nice photo here. It makes it easy to understand the value-added features for Baby Boomers (or those of us who are on wheels) of universal design concepts. This post also includes a link to a comprehensive builders checklist of universal design for our aging-in-Palace ©...
Another great post for Baby that looks at the "big picture" in terms of age-freindly amenities. CYNTHIA hits the nail on the head when she points out:" There are approximately 76 million boomers born between '46 and '64 who are, or should be, thinking about where and how they will b...
CYNTHIA offers excellent suggestions for home owners...and (IMHO) especially for Baby Boomers who are looking to make improvements in their "castles" to ensure comfortable "aging-in-place" Possibilities... Being a Boomer myself, I am a Big Fan of universal design (as you can see by my 10-part ser...
JAY has some good advice for those interested in sprucing up their abode...whether it be for putting it on the market , or simply for a fresh perspective. As JAY says...poorly applied paint is a no-no. Here he looks at a number of Do's and Do NOT's a two-part series worth reading! I'd like ...
CAROL ANN  makes  some good points in the post that follows. It seems that there has been a change in attitude where a "partnership model" when negotiating the sale of real property come into play. But, as Carol Ann points out, " Asking "a friend" to compensate you for a "defect" in their beloved...

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