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Active Lifestyle- New Construction -Ashevile What could be the Retiring "Lucky Few" and/or Boomer Generations' Dream-Come-True? For many of our clients it is a) staying connected meaningfully b) within the town/city environment . It is good to know that our clients can see their dreams come to fr...
Asheville Homes for sale Baby Boomers and Eco-Friendly Retirement-at-Home (Green Remodel) It can be a good idea to gather a deeper understanding about ways to ensure being comfortable in retirement, UN retirement, creative, retirement or get into re-inventing the way we engage life and age. For o...
Aging-in-Place and How  it Extends to the Community The Smart Growth Network has an opportunity for real estate professionals and community members to participate in a national conversation on community planning, design/ development ideas, and perspectives. For those of us with clients who are bo...
Aging-in-Place- The Great Boomer Plan Ahead-According to the National Association of Home Builders,demographic trends- boomers and others-  indicate that home owners who plan to stay in our  homes (age-in-place) as we  get older instead of making other housing accommodations are one of the fastes...
So many boomers love the idea of living, working and/or retiring in a location where the atmosphere of a neighborly village is tangible- regardless of age. Given the boomer home choice trend toward  “aging-in-place”  (-I call it Aging –in-Palace©- my upcoming eBook- )  the village-concept is gett...
Keeping a  “Good-Eye” Out for Retiring  Boomers Keeping a  “Good-Eye” out for  Boomers, especially those relocating and building in Western North Carolina where our wee friend in the photo resides,   means sharing local information about the many natural gifts that come along with creative retire...
Slidell (New Orleans, LA area) ECO-friendly home for sale 10 Nature and Eco-Friendly Features in One Family-Friendly Home   A dear friend of ours, avid gardener ( see photos) and author of A Practical Guide to Building and Maintaining Your Pond, revealed that  she is ready to relocate- as I menti...
    Referral -Home for Sale Near New OrleansA dear friend of ours, avid gardener ( see photos) and author of A Practical Guide to Building and Maintaining Your Pond, just told me she is ready to relocate! This was quite a surprise as she  lives in a very attractive location-   not too far from Ne...
Home Greywater System While showing a home here in Asheville yesterday-I saw an amazing greywater system. (see short VIDEO below )-  This home-use system recycles water directly within the home as you will see explained in the VIDEO. According to wikipedia, "Greywater gets its name from its cloud...

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