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In the post that follows, HAZY OBERSKI makes an important point about diversity...and not only diversity in terms of architectural styles...but in terms of amenities and neighborhood residents. As an Asheville resident myself, it was so interesting to read about her review of BILTMORE FOREST..."....
    WALKABLE- Supply and Demand -  "The road to profitability - a foot path!" (3)    Asheville Real Estate Journal Walkable Neighborhoods  :  Grove Park   GROVE PARK Walkable Neighborhood.  Asheville's Grove Park- Walkable Neighborhood  surrounds the world-famous Grove Park Inn. The Inn, built by...
WALKABLE "The road to profitability may be a foot path!" (2)   Real Estate Journal: Asheville Walkable Neighborhoods Montford -The MONTFORD NEIGBORHOOD in Asheville, North Carolina not only is  Historic and Happening…but it is SO walkable!   Montford, a neighborhood of about 300 acres, offers a d...
WALKABLE "The road to profitability may be a foot path!"    Asheville Real Estate Journal: The Power of the Walkable Neighborhood  According to  in a review of NAR's "2011 Community Preference Survey,"  (a poll of over 2,000 American adults) seventy-seven percent   ( 77% ) of th...
Forever Footpath          … on a certain day as, on foot, I make my wayalong the ever-present stream that runs, blood-red, down from the mountains,   on a certain path hard-hewn over hundreds of years by thousands of travelers man, and beast, and wood-creatures seldom-seen,   as I trod  a  byway ...
Oh Those Influential Home and Land Buying Women Asheville Real Estate Journal- Influential Women Buyer  As we mentioned in Parts 1 and 2 of this series, women actively control the money in a majority of affluent households, even among a generation of women who left this to their husbands in the p...
  “…women actively control the money in a majority of affluent households…”     INFLUENTIAL WOMEN, “  America's most profitable consumer group: women living in households earning $75,000 to $200,000 per year, according to The AIO Group: headquartered in Charleston, SC .buy homes where they can en...
ONE OF THE BEST VIDEOS  on HOME INSPECTION you could ask for ...a brief learning excperience...only a couple of minutes long...but  providing a good overview of a Pillar to Post Home Inspection what it entails...and the peace of mind it can provide. YES! DEBB JANES has done it again. Here is a vi...
CAROL-ANN PALMIERI makes the case for the Open House in the post that follows. Carol-Ann is an experienced (24 year) professional, so when she writes  "...Do you know that this year, I have been lucky enough to be selected by two different buyers by meeting them at open houses?    Unbeknownst to ...
I've long admired HAZY OBERSKI as a real estate colleague here in Asheville NC. Today I found out one of her "secrets of success"... as she says, " I am in the top 2% of [real estate]  sales in the Asheville area and I owe so much of my success to those cards. " I have checked out Send Out Cards ...

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