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    I was reading Kaid Benfield’s Blog  this morning - Kaid is Director, Sustainable Communities, NRDC; adjunct professor, George Washington University School of Law; co-founder, LEED for Neighborhood Development rating system; co-founder, Smart Growth America coalition; author; voted one of the ...
Warmth and  Blessings on Christmas Day         May each day of each year be filled with delight-enough to melt the iciest road. May you see only possibility when you pull back the curtains. And may warmth radiate from inside.  
      Photo of Asheville Beaver Lake       Oh the weather outside is icy, but our closings are going nicely, and no mater how much it storms in all of our hearts we’ll be warm.     Snow and ice but no slippery closings   Regardless market conditions, successful transactions have a common thread. ...
  A gift to give yourself- now and in years to come. It’s gift-giving time- how about considering a gift to give yourself- now and in years to come? If you are a person who likes the idea of saving money over the life of your home, you will be pleased to live in a green-built home. Just below are...
  REALTORS®- FACTS OF LIFE 1.      89% of all potential real estate clients search online before they ever contact us. Let’s face that fact now. 2.      We are IN a consumer-centric web real estate market.  For REALTORS®, that’s a Shift requiring a response. 3.      NOT a good idea to get behind ...
  What will your home be like in 2020? Here in Asheville, a team of home-visionaries likes the idea of planning ahead on the premise that we’d all like a home in which they can live happily, comfortably and independently as we age.  And, there are SO many attractive choices. Two choices that pop ...
    As a former Fourth Grade Teacher and member of Grandmothers for Peace for All the Children of the World, today I weep. During this season of making wishes for a gift of peace and happiness for our children- here at home - and for children everywhere in the world, I wonder if now is the time f...
  Attractive quality of life – this phrase sums up the Asheville, NC experience-  where, at this season we see the return of families who live, at least part of each year, in this beautiful  and amazing town. We are lucky to share a particular wisdom about how to keep things that way in the commu...
  Baby Boomers are ten ( 10 ) times MORE likely to "put OTHERS first" (43%) than to "put themselves first" (4%) -well most of this group, anyway.  A recent survey found five (5) distinct baby boomer groups: 1) Empowered Trailblazers, 2) Wealth-Builders, 3) Leisure Lifers, 4) Anxious Idealists, an...
    AARP Universal design quiz- aging-in-place-  Are universal design elements really that valuable?  Here in Asheville, a top retirement town, home owners are looking at the AARP Livable Communities Awards and asking- Is our home “aging gracefully" with us?The AARP QUIZ Asheville home owners are...

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