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  I am looking forward to March and Asheville’s  Organic Growers School Conference. The Organic Growers School seeks to advance organic agriculture and sustainable living in our beautiful region. Each year since the early 1990s people have gathered to teach, learn and celebrate together. At first...
  RADON- a naturally occurring gas that originates from decaying uranium- is a subject of interest to home-dwellers in Asheville and Beyond. Did you know that radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers? More deaths occur nationally from radon-induced lung cancer than those associ...
  2013-  Trends, Supply and Demand- Asheville and Beyond  “We have a limited amount of resources available and more and more people using them up. If we want our future generations to enjoy the same standard of living we've experienced, we need to take action…”  reports the National Association o...
    YOU may be interested, as I am,  in HUD's emerging focus on greenliviing. This is being presented  as the healthy homes initiative.  Here in Asheville, where greenliving is in high demand, this is promising news -for both real estate professionals and our clients.  I especially like the idea ...
  An Age-Friendly Valentine Asheville boomer (and beyond) real estate clients seem to be setting an age-friendly trend. So I am sending a Valentine to (*:*) Inspired Elders! Whether updating, downsizing, remodeling for aging-in-place,  innovative and environmentally sensitive construction techniq...
  Have you looked back at some of your older posts lately? That’s what I have been doing. I came across one that had me smiling this morning –entitled  Stay-in-Your-Home Ideas The post happened  with collaboration from AR colleagues on the premise that -asMichel de Montaigne, essayist (1533-1592)...
What makes a home have personal value for you over the years?THIS is one important question my clients have been asking me of late. You don't have to be old to live in an accessible home. But with luck you will be old someday.Now what? It's not news. The "Lucky Few" (1929-1945) & "Baby Boomers" (...
  Stunning and functional Asheville homes are the quest of many boomer home owners who are considering createve retirement.  So I am investigating the relationship between "stunning and functional" and  “aging-in-place” - What's that all about? I’ve been asking boomer-clients- who have planne...
Client Question on Re-Inventing Home Choices here in Asheville : What if we decide to sell our home? Possibly even look for a lot in a "front porch" community on which to build a new home featuring universal design concepts?My thoughts on this... Certainly, there is good evidence to show that Bab...
 Superbowl 2013 – TACO –BAD Ad viewed by 115 million+ casts negative image on Old Folks (that could be me- YIKES!!)According to Brent Green- " ... this version of 'people living their lives to the fullest' involves: sneaking away from 'adult' caretakers, breaking & entering,lighting fireworks on ...

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