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The Second Biggest Influence on Home Design- IF you have read the current predictions  from the home-building industry you'll be aware of the forecast that aging will be the second-biggest influence on home design in the next few years [source:NAHB].Here in Asheville, we're giving this serious co...
  Housing Prediction: The “boomers” are coming (2) I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it, or something like it again:  A combination of  curiosity, love of excellence and sheer numbers can set in motion a home design re-calibration. This is especially true in the near future for “boomers” ...
A combination of the sheer force of  curiosity and numbers “boomers” and older adults can set in motion a home design recalibration. A dwelling design that serves - regardless of age or physical ability- can work across many generations. Is this a trend?Heads-up!The “boomers” are coming- the “boo...
   20 Aging In Place Ideas- LEED Some time ago, here in Asheville, we developed a serious interest in The LEED for Neighborhood Development Program.  What caught our attention? This program  highlights  “True Green” design. It raises awareness of what can work for “boomers” who  are planning for ...
As one of our colleagues pointed out: A very wise post...needs to be one of those perpetual featured ones!   Regardless of the surround sound of a specific time, ethics is always the key. I have been a bit under the weather lately.  To recuperate, I was convalescing over the weekend with a good, ...
  Aging in place, universal design, age-friendly communities -  In case you haven't noticed, I've been writing a lot about this lately.  I think it may be about "Timing"... . Since my hair turned silvery, I have to say - A Lifelong Home &  Aging in Palace© has  been more on my mind than in recent...
Universal Design for Lifelong Homes   IBM-trained technologist, marketing strategist, futurist, consumer advocate and founder of Modern Health Talk, Wayne Caswell  recently said, “We bought in the suburbs for good schools, but now that we're empty-nested that's no longer the top priority. We fear...
    Starting this year ( 2013)  1031 Like Kind Exchanges can defer the recently elevated federal capital gains tax if you have an adjusted gross income of $200,000 for individuals and $250,000 for married filing jointly. That’s one way to handle the “green”  as one “green” investor and I were dis...
  I have been mulling over entrepreneurship as it applies to our colleagues here- especially in terms of the “senior market” and how it is trending. The times they are a changing and the youth market no longer will dominate consumerism. And so I wonder what to  expect.  I like the idea of “ageles...
  Multi-Gen Eye-Openers We took a stroll around the perimeter of an evolving eco village recently. Our friends, who are  Multi-Gens  have aging-in-place (or as I call it, Aging in PA L A C E) in mind.  And so, with four very active older adults, their married daughter and son-in-law and and one g...

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