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Asheville 1031 Real Estate TRENDS Journal A growth opportunity for the senior housing industry?   According to Joseph F. Coughlin, the Director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology M.I.T. AgeLab (, the "disruptive demographics of an aging society offers a growth opp...
    Walk or Wheel- Downtown Asheville Residences Recently a few of our "boomer" clients have been considering the advantages of living in walkable  Downtown Asheville- and condo residence living. Several of our friends have found this a positive move as  Downtown Asheville offers awesome shopping...
  Aging In Place & the Evolving Home (3) More and more, Post-50-People are thinking  about  what it takes to stay in their home of choice and live independently . It’s a trend according to AARP and The National Association of Homebuilders.  The Checklist: On the checklist for “aging –in-place” : ...
 Aging at Home- A  Fast, Fabulous, Fix –Asheville Style You don't have to be OLD to live in an (age-friendly)  evolving home. But with luck, you will be old some day. Are you planning a place to live in comfort and style? photo courtesy of Daryl Rantis, Architect Think about this: A home -whethe...
What Drives“Aging-in-Place” Needs? And  Can a Luxury Home Meet Those Needs?This could be your lucky day.  Here in Asheville, our team is always on the lookout for homes and land that spell “sustainable excellence” with four questions about home use in mind: a) What is the relationship between si...
I'm always interested in information about Green Enterprise and/or Living Sustainably, and so am a fan  of Kaid Benfield's Blog. Today in his on-going discussion of affordable, housing, neighborhoods, revitalization,and smartgrowth he took on "The thorny matter of gentrification...the messy pheno...
A headline in the real estate section of the Washington Post   caught my eye this morning. It read," ‘Aging-in-place’ features for the home gain higher profile as baby boomers get older. Real Estate Market Trends- Boomers Aging-in-Place " According to the article, the new home of a "boomer" coupl...
We are always on the lookout for architects and builders who are into sustainable excellence. We appreciate the creativity and ingenuity required- especially when it comes to the Evolving Home one that will work well for Aging-in-PaLaCE.  Recently, while researching online, we discovered Wright ...
Real estate trends:A kind track to life-course transitions at home- Asheville Style Life-course transitions happen to everybody. In that regard, as real estate professionals watching trends in  housing, we are especially interested in current predictions  from the home-building industry. Accordi...
The Ever-Evolving Home- Asheville- Style As mentioned in Part 1  Aging In Place and the Ever-Evolving Asheville Home, many "boomers" are choosing to stay in their homes as they age. The ever-evolving home is their goal.  It is interesting to note that a Joint Center for Housing Studies- Harvard ...

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