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    "Nestled In" It's a matter of opinion- Asheville Luxury Homes and Land- Every time they read an Asheville real estate property description saying, “Nestled in the – (fill in the blanks)…” our clients confided, “We  wonder who is writing this description of the property. Is it some ad agency?”...
Asheville Real Estate Property Alerts Let’s say you have 6 horses.  You might require a minimum of 12 acres, depending on the circumstances. By “circumstances”  I mean that there are other options , for example, there are equestrian communities near Asheville where you could share a pasture. Com...
Here in Asheville, NC, the idea of sustainable living intrigues our real estate clients.  If you have been  working to develop creative solutions for independent living -- regardless of age or physical ability, you may find much to inspire you here in Beautiful Asheville. You may be attracted to...
When you think about  sustainable agriculture, organic farms, eco-communities and quality of life in Asheville and the towns surrounding this jewel in the North Carolina mountains, you may imagine scenes like this. But this in NOT your imagination. This is real.     Committed to sustainable farm...
    It is safe to say that your approach to walking and hiking mountain land (including some that is for sale and calls to you in and around Beautiful Asheville) will evolve over the years. And, it's also safe to say that walking the mountain land will never cease to inspire and amaze you, as it ...
  (photo near my home in North Asheville- a walkable neighborhood we love)   Did you happen to see the 2014 report on emerging trends in real estate by The Urban Land Institute ? Interesting! It  reports that, “…baby boomers [desire living accommodations] within walking distance of downtown area...
If you are a resident of Asheville, you may have noticed rapid growth and the accompanying challenges including  habitat loss and a scarcity of affordable farmland. As land specialists, we sure can attest to that.  We were pleased to note that there is conversation happening around that topic. In...
It's early morning and a good time to practice the " art " of scouting the valleys and the mountains only discovered by navigating the curving roads that lead there. Today is full of unexpected possibilities as you will see in my one-minute video here. I'd like to mention that an Asheville ...
Three (3) Elements in Successful Real Estate Transactions Asheville 1031 Real Estate Journal   The  Essential Positive Relationship Dynamic What leads to buyer/ seller satisfaction? And is that contentedness skewed by a “buyer’s market” or a “seller’s market”? Good Questions. And over the years,...
  Asheville “Boomers”  are keeping that REALLY Nice Kitchen in an Intergenerational Community, Downsizing, and smiling. Of course! Asheville is a progressive place. There is a strong voice for sustainable excellence here. You may discover a fondness for locally grown and harvested organic produce...

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