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We're here for you via this HANDWOVEN blog. CALL US (828) 776-0779 to connect with top-notch resources and information, and for prompt attention to your Asheville Area buy/sell/ invest interests. We are Strategic Pricing Specialists, ePRO®, NAR®GREEN, Eco Certified ® Real Estate professionals whose experience, advanced training, and top-ranked quick start guides (**see below**) truly can benefit you. DAILY ASHEVILLE AREA NEWS YOU CAN USE



  We had to smile when we read an Asheville-based company is in the headlines having recently won an award from Green America- as Cathy Martin reports in Business North Carolina: "FLS Energy, ranked as North Carolina's fastest growing company in 2011 and 2012 by Inc. magazine, will build eight n...
True Stories from Asheville Land For Sale Team   You might find , as  your trailblazing real estate team here in Asheville, N.C. has, thatit is FUN to get together with others to discover the latest trends in exterior and interior new-construction and remodeling.  New Construction on Nice Acreag...
   TRUE STORIES (no ads) - Asheville Acreage/Land for Sale Series - 1031 Like Kind Exchange   Recently, a large acreage investor excited about relocating to Asheville from Boston and I got together over a cup of tea.  She had found us via ActiveRain-Trulia and our Asheville Acreage and Land for S...
    LAND FOR SALE- Asheville Mountain Land -The LISTING CHECKLIST As I mentioned in Part 1 of this LAND FOR SALE series -  I saw pure potential in a large acreage, that might have appeared NOT to be in buyer-investor-friendly shape because:   • The roughed-in driveway into the acreage had disappe...
    Asheville Land Broker - The Stories and Acreage Sales As you may know, dawn's soft light provides an exciting moment for taking photos.  It’s also a good time to scope out acreage for sale near Asheville, N.C.  - So, with an adventurous early-rising land buyer-investor at my side, we rolled d...
THE OPEN CONCEPT- A Trend?   I asked an American Hero and Medevac Pilot now on wheels what he was  seeking in  a comfortable home here in Asheville-    “ Are YOU  up for a 'stair-free delight'?”  We had to laugh at the euphemism. But, in truth,   planning  a home that is both functional and aest...
Golf, US OPEN - Dad and Driving from Asheville  Happy Father's Day to a Real Champion   It’s a Big Week here in North Carolina. Over at the Village of Pinehurst  the U.S. Open Golf Championship is underway- and we are excited about our “stay steady” competitors. Just about a two-hour drive from ...
Creating a Feathered Nest of a Lifetime?   You don't have to be OLD to live in an ever evolving home. But with luck, you will be old some day. Are you planning a place to live in comfort and style? Plenty of light and ease of navigation  may be on the table for discussion- (see photo) -but there...
      Asheville Land For Sale- Special Investments   Whether the property you seek in Asheville is commercial, residential or, our favorite, LAND/ acreage - it is special in one way or another. We love the idea of the 1031 Like-Kind Exchange- trading in a condo in a rental program for organic far...
  "Boomers"- In the Real Estate News-- AGAIN!The Emerald Greens of UNretirement-Asheville Style   “A series of studies by The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology this year found that an expected workforce shortage hasn't been as bad as it could have been because Boomers have bee...

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