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Asheville Real Estate Journal :4 Ways to Take Advantage of Real Estate Insights -2015 (Part 2)   In Part 2:  How does one go about the use of insight as part of buying, selling or investing in real estate— structuring the subtleties into real property transactions? Here are four ways that may be...
Asheville Real Estate Journal : 2015: Take Advantage of Real Estate Insights (1)   Photo "Fog Lifts Over Asheville Mountains " (c) zsanan- z-ART-z ! studios       Big Advantages for Asheville buyers, sellers and 1031 investors   can shown up for you when you do this: Combine your insights  with t...
    Need we reiterate? Asheville is synonymous with quality of life! The town, nestled in the mountains and with rivers and lakes gracing it (see photo of the December at Beaver lake) offers homes and land that suit many  lifestyles. THIS is the time of year Land Investors come to the area. It is...
  Good Tidings to all our Friends and Colleagues   ###
Asheville Real Estate Journal- The French Broad River   janeAnne's photo of the beloved French Broad River- Asheville, N.C. It was a perfect December day here in Asheville. Q and I took a walk at the park where the French Broad River borders the land(see photo), and I sang a tune of gratitude to ...
Asheville Real Estate Journal- THE LIFETIME REALTOR® – Clients and the Real Estate Market     One “Old REALTOR®” now into his late 60s and I talked recently. He revealed that he had devised his Asheville  REALTOR® 30-year game-plan. He has lifelong associations with his clients who now are askin...
1031 Like Kind Exchange: The Special QI   Shedding light on the 1031 Like Kind Exchange is of interest to a number of our clients and investors in properties in the Asheville area. Many are attracted to the 1031 option as part of their creative retirement   –( Post50 “boomers”) – plan. We are ha...
1031 Investment Ideas: Golden Girls, Asheville-Style... AND NOW... a special focus on aging-in-place, or (as we refer to it) Aging in P A L A C E.  That’s because aging in place is the preferred lifestyle among a majority of boomers—71% of adults ages 50 to 64, according to AARP data earlier thi...
  Asheville Real Estate Journal   Knowing her aptitude for finding excellent products,  it was really no surprise when, on a recent visit to one of the homes our Green-Builder friend had under construction here in Asheville, we discovered glass tile—and in a place we had not expected—on the floor...
If you are a person  who seeks a  lifestyle with open-ended possibilities, possibly you will find yourself asking  “When? Where? How? What?” questions. This most likely will involve a few self-guided tours and accompanying discoveries.  We are happy to sit down and talk with you about those  fre...

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