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 Asheville Real Estate Journal: Renewable Energy If you have been considering the pros and cons of “aging in place” –thinking about rehabs and remodelers, you have powerful possibilities when it comes to energizing your home and getting around it with comfort.  You can do so much these days just...
Asheville Real Estate Journal: Renewable Energy : Renewable Energy Asheville Style (2)   As noted in Part (1), when considering the pros and cons of “aging in place” you have powerful possibilities when it comes to energizing your home and getting around it with comfort.  Customer groups are loo...
Asheville Real Estate Journal: Post 50 and Beyond the Narrow   I hopped over to The Sage Companion Project the other day. It’s an effort to reach out to a certain demographic you might recognize as most interesting if you follow trends in the real estate market- and work with Post 50 People. I no...
As a long-time real estate professional, for me, the following quotation is a reminder to be creative when looking at "green steps" for Post 50 People. Looking to the future does not require "disengagement" I am thinking, but instead, planning ahead for a home that works across the generations.....
Asheville Real Estate: A Valentine to the LANDland for sale   Mountain land never ceases to inspire and amaze people around Asheville, N.C. And, while it is safe to say that my own approach to walking the mountain land that is for sale (and/or stewardship) in and around Asheville has evolved over...
Asheville Real Estate Journal- Newsy-News : Perceptions on Aging Perceptions of aging can and in actuality do influence the way people interact with each other. I've noticed this is true as well when it comes to expectations about older people  and how and where we choose to live.  Here is a coll...
After reading this from one of my all-time favorite bloggers and photo-stars...I had to take action. Scheduling re-blogs in advance: Paying it forward   One of the comments I received on a re-blog was that I seem to post a lot of re-blogs. That observation was correct and I thought that some memb...
Asheville Real Estate Journal :Invest in the Land - THE 1031 INVESTMENT  YOU are HERE with a professional and PERSONALIZED adventure in investing in Asheville acreages.     ·        Whether you have lived in the Asheville area all of your life, or your are relocating to this beautiful area, we ar...
an artist's view of real estate (1)   over at our Asheville studio ( z-ART-z ! studios) a number of portraits of local Asheville "cottages" are appearing. It's an artist's view of real estate, and one that has a creative perspective, for sure..Here are a couple from that series.   z-ART-z ! studi...
Asheville Newsy-News and JournalAt Home and Sourcing the Longevity Economy   "We now are living in an environment that AARP tags as the longevity economy, and with our longer lives, we need technologies that can help us live our lives to the fullest. Adult children, care providers and tech-aware...

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