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10 QUESTIONS  plus  LINKS Let's Talk about Aging-in-Place   1. What DESIGN elements do YOU consider important to incorporate in a lifelong home?  (Think  3 or more.) 2. How might YOU  leverage boomer influence  to to get more age-friendly products in our homes ?   (We suggest reading articles by ...
...just sayin'.....   It's "balmy" here in Asheville...well sort of...especially when you compare Asheville to other parts of the country...take for example up on over near my old hometown, Detroit... HEY! Take a peek at what is happening on the cherished St Clair River *. Here are a couple of op...
Conservation Land:  An Asheville Land Broker "Talks Dirt"    On a 45-minute drive, there is much land to see as you traverse the mountains and valleys around Asheville. It’s a good idea to get on the road early if you desire to connect with conservation land. Dawn's soft light provides moments f...
  REAL  aging in place... .     … along the ancient stream that runs blood-red, (for the ground weeps from the mountains, downward in winter’s deep,)   ...along a way, hewn-hard over hundreds of years and carved by man and beast, and ten thousand travelers accompanied by faerie-creatures never-se...
Asheville Green Upfits and “Aging in Place”Asheville Real Estate Journal   You may have heard about the 55+ crowd preferring to for-ever homes. There’s that term, “aging-in-place”- we call it aging in P A L A C E, for  when “boomers” do a bit of planning ahead, they can turn their homes into cast...
  Asheville’s Historic Neighborhoods Homes- Albemarle Park (Asheville) Asheville, N.C. Real Estate Journal   On the north side of  downtown you can find Asheville’s  beautiful, historic neighborhoods.  Asheville is proud of our sustainable neighborhoods, a number of which are listed in the Nation...
Asheville Farms and Land- A Review Asheville, N.C. Real Estate Journal   Offering objective fiduciary counsel to Land and Acreage buyers/sellers/1031 investors means keeping a finger on the pulse of local goings-on here in the Greater Asheville area. When it comes to sustainable innovation in As...
Asheville Real Estate Journal- Winter, the Land and Fireside     It’s wintertime in the mountains surrounding Asheville, North Carolina. It is the perfect time to take an invigorating hike to look at the land now that the trees are bare. When you come home to your glowing fireplace, you may, lik...

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