active rain: Are YOU the 100th Monkey? Active Rain Visionaries on the Subjects of Purpose, Collaboration, Responsibility and Healthy Lifestyles. - 07/25/09 01:46 AM
Are YOU the 100th Monkey? Active Rain Visionaries on the Subjects of Purpose, Collaboration, Responsibility and Healthy Lifestyles.
Dateline Asheville, North Carolina, July, 2009News and Views from Asheville's Greenolina, Real Estate Eco-StewardYears ago, the "100th Monkey" theory was widely popular and often quoted. It went like this: if, one by one, a hundred monkeys on a distant island learn how to use sticks for picking bananas the knowledge of picking bananas with sticks all of a sudden becomes an integral part of monkey consciousness. All monkeys everywhere all around the world will then be privy to this knowledge and be … (11 comments)

active rain: BLOG SENSE: Everyday Smarts "Out There" in Real Estate Web 2.0 - 11/26/08 04:08 AM
 BLOG SENSE:  Common sense  out there on the Internet . For the real estate professional, it is based on good familiarity with the real estate Web 2.0  environment, real estate social networks, and "blogosphere". And it means authentic/original BLOG posts with relevant information for interested readers.
Making sense of where you stand (see photo) in a challenging real estate market with surprises along the road is important. A clear voice signaling the way is much appreciated. An authentic voice can further alleviate concerns for the consumer-facing public and even could be helpful for those real estate people new to blogging.  
Lately I've been wondering if … (4 comments)

active rain: Active Rain: Responding to the Stirrings of a Real Estate Market - 11/23/08 03:30 PM
We can guess, and based on intuition we can plan, but we never can know what will happen today, tomorrow, next week, next year--in all the years to come. Never can we know. 
But always, we can choose. We always can choose to hear and respond to the stirrings of a real estate market as it closes doors and opens new ones. Always we can choose to include in our planning the "bigger picture" ... for example the implications of  social networking , and we can choose to respond to the consumer-facing WWW even if that be with great sighs. 
To gather … (39 comments)

active rain: Immersions in CHANGE are Opportunities for REALTORS® - 03/25/08 11:56 AM
Leadership RolesEvolve as Women and Minorities Bring Their Energy to the Table. I'm smiling.Look at the Top 100 Bloggers at Active Rain, and you'll see what I mean. The Demand for GREEN Buildings and Energy Efficient Homes  Lifts the Real Estate Market. (New construction as well as remodels.)Sustainable Innovation becomes a By-word in the Industry and 1031 Investors gravitate to  Eco-friendly properties.  The Mortgage Crunch Threatens the Real Estate Market, Some see this as dangerous. Some see this as Opportunity. ...depending on how they look at Change.The "Blooming" of Online Communities and Social Networks like Active Rain CreatesColorful Results. I can name a few … (2 comments)

active rain: Ring the Bells! . . .Pink is the New Green...And the Winners ARE. . . . . - 12/21/07 04:23 AM
ActiveRain is a terrific place to strengthen your knowledge about trends in the market. We write informative posts. We converse in Groups that sizzle. We have fun by flexing our blog-muscles in contests that explore what's on the horizon.  So, we all reap the rewards of sharing our knowledge here.
Exploring trends in real estate is one of my favorite pursuits, no doubt about it.  But I'm sure you will agree, that research in the area of trends simply is not complete without incorporating - your own opinions  about what's ahead in 2008 and beyond, and what you would like to … (41 comments)

active rain: 1,000 Points, Brad Pitt, Dena Stevens--"Pink" Challenge WINNERS - 12/08/07 03:14 AM
THE Active Rain Eco-All-Stars' "Pink" Challenge/Contest  UPDATE: Friday 12/21/07WINNERS ARE found HERE...where you can  read all about them...and comment
Enter from 12/09/07  until 12/19/07Need Inspiration?  Check out this Living Homes Tour then collect your extra 200 points for detailing the 5 elements you YOU would select for your home (or one for Brad Pitt's Lower 9th ward project). . .
Winner: How does 1,000 points sound to you? 500 for second, 300 for third............ (For clarification, the winner only gets 1000, so I guess they really get 800 for winning and 200 for entering.......
All you have to do is answer the following question...from your heart   
If    $$$$$$ were … (161 comments)

active rain: The Green is Red Hot, This Sounds Like Fun, Contest!! (2nd Annual Contest is around the corner) - 11/30/07 01:28 AM
LAST YEAR WE HAD OUR1st ANNUALGREEN IS RED HOT CONTEST...The following text is a  review of that contest.
It's just  around the corner. So here's your "heads up!!!"  Don't just sit there! Plan your entry ...and GOOD LUCK!  
Like the little boy sitting here on the tracks in the photo I took in Saluda, N.C. in 2007, we all would be wise to take a good look around us to see "what's coming" down the tracks.
(Don't worry, in this case, the train stopped running four (4) years ago, and our little … (14 comments)

active rain: North Carolina's Positive Futures - 05/06/07 01:12 PM
If you make your home in North Carolina, you will find many a grassroots organization at work in communities across the State. Most promote stewardship in the form of "Smart Growth, sustainable development and/or the protection and to preservation of  natural habitats, land, water and air resources.  
Most recognize and offer educational opportunities. Weaving threads of possibility into the fabric that nature and personal responsibility provide, they groups hope to achieve positive futures. Here are just a few of the issues in which grassroots organizations, local governments and neighborhood activists involve themselves.
Air QualityEnergyForest managementHazardous WasteLand Use PlanningNuclear WasteMountain Slope DevelopmentSustainabilityWater QualityWith … (0 comments)

active rain: 1st Place Winner! Green is Red Hot Contest! And Here’s LIZ FOLEY - 03/17/07 09:00 AM
The ol' juke box is playing all the Goldies... Gold Stars, that is! For the third time this week,  we  come together as a community to celebrate and to GIVE a BIG round of applause (AKA your comments) to our 1st Place Winner. ..Newbie, LIZ FOLEYYou can tell in the first few minutes you meet her that she is a kind and generous person. You can also tell she's ethical and professional. That's the combination that adds up to make a real estate professional shine. How would I (janeAnne) know this? I looked at the testimonials on her Profile page, and … (36 comments)

active rain: udated! "Honorable Mention(S)..~~2nd Place Winner AND "Honorable MentionS" - 03/16/07 02:34 AM

UPDATED  MARCH 17th, 2007 
 A FEW OF THE GREEN STARS~"Honorable MentionS" 
Take Action. Inspiration Will Follow. by Jeff TurnerWhere does green begin?  By Rick & Ines - Miami Shores Real Estate ProfessionalsDoity Laundry: Nevada Green Challenges & Some Green Saving Tips! By Renee BurrowsGreen Awareness - Where Did it All Begin? by Bill Westel  HELP -- I AM DIRECTIONALLY CHALLENGEDby Joan WhitebookA Consumer's Guide to Conservation Communitiesby Corey Atherton,GREEN-IS IT RED ???? DOES IT MATTER ???  by Joan Mirantz CBR GRI What constitutes Quality of Life? - Green Awarenessby Eloise Gift, e-PRO, GRI,       and Thinking Out Loud...Sheron Cardin - PLEASE GIVE THEM A ROUND … (23 comments)

active rain: 3rd Place WinnerS. First Annual ActiveRain Race ….GREEN is Red Hot Contest ...YAY! - 03/15/07 06:12 AM
The RESULTS are in! We're firing up the ol' juke box and inviting everyone at Active Rain to  come together as a community to celebrate andto GIVE all the participants and the winners a BIG round of applause (AKA comments)
You are emerald-green GEMS!! The entire collection of "tunes" at The Eco-All-Stars Group  shines.  Sure and Begorrah, you inspire this community.
Your articles talked to us about how we real estate professionals fit in the "green" market picture...and how we can get up to speed in the that market. Just like dancing, there's a lot to learn!   We have to consider results we might … (23 comments)

active rain: CONTEST IS OVER. Look for Results ...Thurs/Fri/Sat The Green Lady Speaks "G O O D Luck!' - 03/12/07 01:45 PM
Edited...The GREEN LADY SPEAKS!     
UPDATE.Like American Idol, your comments on the Green is Red Hot articles  at the ECO-All-Stars Group. have power.     You have a voice in this contest, so let your comments be the green moss beneath the feet of the participants.                                             
As far as we are concerned ALL participants are winners and get the Green Light a nd a Gold Star. THREE of those winners will be posted  at-the ECO-All-Stars Group, Thursday, Friday and Saturday...
Three Readers are on the amazing task or reading articles and Your Comments.
G O  O D Luck!
in the Green is Red Hot, This Sounds Like FUN! Contest at the … (23 comments)

active rain: LIST of Registered Green is Hot Contest Bloggers UPDATE!! Green is Red Hot, CONTEST... - 03/10/07 09:16 AM
The GREEN LADY SPEAKS! Here's the latest list of participants
"I'm turning green right before your eyes!              Are you just sitting around smoking a cigar  and missing the deadline to enter the luckyGreen is Red Hot, This Sounds Like FUN! Contest!??
The clock is ticking. The bloggers are blogging, and the entries are arriving at our door step over at theECO-All-Stars Group.
Registered to participate in the contest:
Liz FoleyJeff TurnerLola AuduSue ArgueRick & InesJoan MirantzRandy L. ProtheroEloise GiftCraig SchillerBob SharpeBryant TutasCorey AthertonSharon SimmsLeigh BrownGloria PriceMitchell JamelJim LeeLou JewellJoan WhitebookPat "Tree"Renee Burrowslynne popeDenise BrophySheron CardinTony MarriottKelley ElingTricia JumonvilleLisa Kauffman TharpJacqulyn Richey (Charles)Bill WestelWilliam RobbinsDavid … (28 comments)

active rain: Slippery Slopes on the Way to Closing? Communicate for Results. - 11/17/06 11:31 AM
Tonight I'm writing about  the communicating for results world. And I am thinking that maybe I have figured out what it takes to navigate "slippery slopes" to get  to a Happy Closing...
oh yes...real estate savvy, patience, hard work, intuition, product and territory knowledge
---and possibly, most of all,it takes getting to a mutually beneficial relationship right from the get-go. 
This applies in all kinds of situations. And, when you are dealing on a personal level in the listing and sale of property and with  other parties, about twenty (20) of them, each with a sensitive agenda,  in the interim between signing of … (4 comments)

active rain: omiGosh! I just found out that 5 is better than 1! - 11/10/06 03:43 PM
OmiGosh!!! I just read Matt's BLOG and found out that it's a good-thing to RATE the essays y'all write!...It is lucky that I am making my way through the right -hand column this weekend. Up until now I simply have  been reading away...making a comment here and there...and enjoying the collective wisdom...some humor...really good (where do you FIND those graphics, Maureen and Maureen and Bryant and Kristal??)
 Up until now, being a "newbie" to this interactive blogging style, I have just been kind of feeling my way ... trying to understand the "culture"...a little shy...and amazed at the talent....I was thinking something like..."golly-gee-whiz, … (13 comments)

active rain: Tips on Finding THE Perfect Market Niche for YOU. - 10/18/06 10:57 AM
Market niche…how do you get to one that really will work for you?What if you are a real estate professional putting in your hard work at  a brokerage…doing the Tuesday 7:30AM meeting…the caravan…the floor duty…and paying your dues to NAR, your local Board…and doing your continuing education…and paying your E&O Insurance…in addition to being of service to random buyers/sellerswho find you through the brokerage in addition to your referral clients /|\…And you are sitting on floor duty one very quiet day wondering where the customers are…and just musing about what you can do in terms of outreach that resonates with what … (4 comments)

active rain: join GROUPS-beta and be FOUND ... not lost - 09/27/06 01:19 AM
Some people say I look at the world through "GREEN GLASSES"  (hoHo..see photo to right)   Trouble with that is that you can get a weird sense of your surroundings if you are not careful That's why I like to keep in touch with people all across the  country...see what they are up ideas...and stories...and insights...When I lived on an island north of Seattle, I never felt isolated. There was companionship in the community and in the online community. I became an active participant in various "theaters" online. .I've been writing thoughts and sharing poetry for Project Nature Connect for the past … (2 comments)

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