aging in p a l a c e ebook: Artful - 04/26/18 07:30 AM
 Asheville Real Estate Journal
Artful and Beyond the Narrow
I hopped over to The Sage Companion Project- - the other day to see what's new and artful. Beyond the narrow, this is an effort to reach out to creative people and a certain demographic you might recognize as most interesting if you follow trends in the real estate market- and work with "boomers" and "seniors"...people seeking an active lifestyle and creative choices within their environment.
Artful Choices
I wrote about such artful choices not long ago: "150 Professional Services Performed by REALTORS® + Questions to Ask Before You Hire One."  Check it out if you'd like. … (5 comments)

aging in p a l a c e ebook: Out and About in Accessible Asheville Today - 12/03/17 10:32 AM
Asheville's "Comfortable" Adventures
Accessible Asheville, N.C. 
Friends are coming to visit. One, who has physical challenges is looking for "comfortable" things to do while they are here. Here are some ideas:

TONS OF IDEAS and FUN things to do here
b) PARI: Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute. Discover a hidden space center deep in Pisgah National Forest. If you are fascinated with science and the stars, PARI (Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute) is a must-see in the Asheville area. This complex was initially developed by NASA in 1962 as the east coast facility to track satellites and monitor manned space … (1 comments)

aging in p a l a c e ebook: at home - Making a List and Checking It - 11/27/17 07:07 AM
making a list ... WISH LIST: A DREAM HOME (part 2)  (Regardless of Age or Physical Challenges)-
As I mentioned in the earlier post, I’m all for AGING IN P A L A C E . 
 (*P A L A CE refers to the attention you give to certain details that make a house a home, regardless of age or physical challenges.)    Did you know that making this happen is NOT so hard to do?  
Once you sit down at the kitchen table to have a conversation about it,  those  "certain details" are easier to make happen, and  without huge expenditures. In fact, a rise in the popularity of a Universal Design is … (1 comments)

aging in p a l a c e ebook: Dream Home for the Holidays + - 11/25/17 05:45 AM

WISH LIST: A DREAM HOME  (Regardless of Age, Physical Challenges, or Time of Year)
Recently Forbes Magazine featured Dream Homes-  a fantasy wish list (money no object)—a grand kitchen (of course) with two islands, a designer-inspired laundry room,
(with a tiled dog wash station), an outdoor oasis with two sunken pools, an incredible dressing room—
I’m all for AGING IN P A L A C E
but that is not so hard to do as it may seem to be. In fact, more and more these days you may have noticed  "boomers"  driving the rise in popularity  of the Dream Home … (2 comments)

aging in p a l a c e ebook: REALTORS® Collaborate on Design of Aging-in-Place Homes - 03/04/16 10:33 PM
Asheville Real Estate Journal
Based on feedback from Post50 People, REALTORS®, healthcare professionals, and home builders a team at the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary  is working expeditiously to develop aging-in-place “laneway house” prototypes.
In conjunction with the Faculty of Medicine and the Institute for Public Health they  are envisioning, designing, and testing a series of prototypes that can work even in an intergenerational setting. Will one or any number of these be  brought to market?
Rendering of a home with alterations geared to Post50 People (AKA “seniors” )
Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary
That’s a … (1 comments)

aging in p a l a c e ebook: AGE: To which Niche Market do YOU belong? - 05/03/15 10:59 PM
To which “niche market” do YOU belong? To answer that question you could start by considering these statements about AGE and aging. Note: Some are true, some are partly true, and some are false. Double note: Most are popular beliefs held by most people you meet every day.
 "he's cooking in the cold..are you?"
 true or false questions  test your knowledge about aging
1.The majority (more than 50%) of older adults will become senile (defective memory, disoriented, demented) during old age.
T___ F ___
2.Most older adults have no desire or capacity for sexual relations. In other words, most older adults are typically … (0 comments)

aging in p a l a c e ebook: Asheville Green Upfits and “Aging in Place” - 01/15/15 10:33 PM
Asheville Green Upfits and “Aging in Place”
Asheville Real Estate Journal
You may have heard about the 55+ crowd preferring to for-ever homes. There’s that term, “aging-in-place”- we call it aging in P A L A C E, for  when “boomers” do a bit of planning ahead, they can turn their homes into castles that respect worthy knees. (I’m smiling.)

Asheville  Upfits and “Aging in Place”: A great place "boomers" could set out? Discovering the benefits of  an energy efficient (green)  remodel.  This certainly has benefits: “Buildings consume 14% of potable water, 40% of raw materials, and … (0 comments)

aging in p a l a c e ebook: 3 Steps to Planning a "Forever Home"- Asheville- Style - 07/30/14 03:25 AM
Planning and creating a dwelling place that is designed for life makes sense regardless of one's age. But you may not be aware of a trend. Take a look at these statistics!  
Eighty (80) percent of older people today say they prefer live in their own homes. And this holds true here in Asheville where people  tell us they desire to live in a home of their choice. Have you ever thought that this actually may change the way homes are designed?  You may wonder when and where to start moving forward with your plans for the future … (3 comments)

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