aging in place baby boomers: Aging in P A L A C E - Asheville Style - 07/02/18 08:07 AM
Aging in P A L A C E
Asheville Style
When considering NC Mountain homes, would you  be attracted to an age-friendly environment?  As an older adult, I have come to appreciate being in "healthy-built" and natural surroundings.  But how does that translate in terms of the "look and feel" of the place?
Design emphasis: Close-to-nature... where you can feel a refreshing  connection with the flora, fauna and land. Many mountain homes in the Asheville area are situated on sites thoughtfully designed to maximize views. And you can explore trails that take you to conservation areas where the sound of waterfalls call you. Best of … (0 comments)

aging in place baby boomers: Artful - 04/26/18 07:30 AM
 Asheville Real Estate Journal
Artful and Beyond the Narrow
I hopped over to The Sage Companion Project- - the other day to see what's new and artful. Beyond the narrow, this is an effort to reach out to creative people and a certain demographic you might recognize as most interesting if you follow trends in the real estate market- and work with "boomers" and "seniors"...people seeking an active lifestyle and creative choices within their environment.
Artful Choices
I wrote about such artful choices not long ago: "150 Professional Services Performed by REALTORS® + Questions to Ask Before You Hire One."  Check it out if you'd like. … (5 comments)

aging in place baby boomers: Where Real Estate, Art, and Design Collide - 02/04/18 06:29 AM
Real Estate, Design, and Art
Asheville Real Estate Journal
I determined to major in Interior Design at the University of Miami a thousand years ago. (I’m smiling.) Along the way, I discovered amazing homes, such as those here in North Asheville, and chose instead to become a real estate broker and BIC.   Still, that background in interior design continues to have  advantages in terms of being able to communicate a particular message or intention.  For example, I have been known to place docent cards around special design features in sellers homes we have represented.
Communicating effectively to produce results is important to brokers, buyers, seller, … (1 comments)

aging in place baby boomers: Out and About in Accessible Asheville Today - 12/03/17 10:32 AM
Asheville's "Comfortable" Adventures
Accessible Asheville, N.C. 
Friends are coming to visit. One, who has physical challenges is looking for "comfortable" things to do while they are here. Here are some ideas:

TONS OF IDEAS and FUN things to do here
b) PARI: Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute. Discover a hidden space center deep in Pisgah National Forest. If you are fascinated with science and the stars, PARI (Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute) is a must-see in the Asheville area. This complex was initially developed by NASA in 1962 as the east coast facility to track satellites and monitor manned space … (1 comments)

aging in place baby boomers: at home - Making a List and Checking It - 11/27/17 07:07 AM
making a list ... WISH LIST: A DREAM HOME (part 2)  (Regardless of Age or Physical Challenges)-
As I mentioned in the earlier post, I’m all for AGING IN P A L A C E . 
 (*P A L A CE refers to the attention you give to certain details that make a house a home, regardless of age or physical challenges.)    Did you know that making this happen is NOT so hard to do?  
Once you sit down at the kitchen table to have a conversation about it,  those  "certain details" are easier to make happen, and  without huge expenditures. In fact, a rise in the popularity of a Universal Design is … (1 comments)

aging in place baby boomers: Your Asheville Lifetime Feathered Nest - 06/22/17 08:53 AM
Creating a Feathered Nest of a Lifetime?  
With luck, you will be old some day. Are you planning a place to live in comfort and style? Plenty of light and ease of navigation  may be on the table for discussion- (see photo) -but there's more to consider, and (P.S.) you don't have to be OLD to live in an ever evolving home.

Regardless of age or physical ability, a plan of action that works in the best interest of all stakeholders can be a value-added feature for buyers/ sellers and investors in Asheville area real estate.   
But, what is a good starting point? An ACTION PLAN for creating feathered … (0 comments)

aging in place baby boomers: DOGS , Aging-in-Place, and Technology - 03/15/16 10:43 PM
Asheville Real Estate Newsy-News Journal
(or...Putting  dogs, aging-in-place and technology together in one sentence is easier than you may think. )
One of my favorite sources of information geared to “baby boomers” and Post50 People is Aging-in-Place Technology Watch- take, for example this bit of interesting information I discovered recently.
The Internet enables a dog-eats-well and pet-traveler-friendly world. 
Forget about the Internet of Things – the Internet is a giant narrow-focused guidebook for what-you-need-is-what-you-get. 
From map of wheelchair-accessible restaurants to a guide to gluten-free dining to family-friendly hotels in Paris to child-free vacation locations.  So too, dog owners regularly update the global guide to restaurants that welcome dogs.
This summer, we (the doggies and … (1 comments)

aging in place baby boomers: Your "For Ever" Home –Accessibility and Small Home Spaces(2) - 03/05/16 10:23 PM
 Asheville Real Estate Journal 
You may find this series of interest . It's dedicated to Post50 People and "Boomer" Family and Friends - Your  "For Ever"  Home –Accessibility and Small Home Spaces. ( You can fast track to the video below.)
As I noted in Part 1, Sage and John, a smart couple were beginning their Post-50 adventure with their choice to  create a sanctuary – their “dream place”. And, it was clear to them that they wanted to build something small.
Their ultimate dream home would be far from  huge. In fact, this goes along with a concept that is getting more and more popular it … (2 comments)

aging in place baby boomers: REALTORS® Collaborate on Design of Aging-in-Place Homes - 03/04/16 10:33 PM
Asheville Real Estate Journal
Based on feedback from Post50 People, REALTORS®, healthcare professionals, and home builders a team at the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary  is working expeditiously to develop aging-in-place “laneway house” prototypes.
In conjunction with the Faculty of Medicine and the Institute for Public Health they  are envisioning, designing, and testing a series of prototypes that can work even in an intergenerational setting. Will one or any number of these be  brought to market?
Rendering of a home with alterations geared to Post50 People (AKA “seniors” )
Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary
That’s a … (1 comments)

aging in place baby boomers: Does sustainable excellence really matter to Post50 clients? - 05/05/15 10:53 PM
Does sustainable excellence really matter to Post50 clients?
Asheville Real Estate Journal-
Post 50 (Boomers) Mountain Homes and Land Legacies
If you are or work with Post50 (Boomers) clients, you probably have heard the term, “AGING-IN-PLACE”.  This is a catch phrase used to describe “ the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level."  And you also have heard that, for the most part, Post50 People would choose to  remain in their lifelong home. That may be the reason that many real estate professionals seek advanced training in terms of looking … (4 comments)

aging in place baby boomers: AGE: To which Niche Market do YOU belong? - 05/03/15 10:59 PM
To which “niche market” do YOU belong? To answer that question you could start by considering these statements about AGE and aging. Note: Some are true, some are partly true, and some are false. Double note: Most are popular beliefs held by most people you meet every day.
 "he's cooking in the cold..are you?"
 true or false questions  test your knowledge about aging
1.The majority (more than 50%) of older adults will become senile (defective memory, disoriented, demented) during old age.
T___ F ___
2.Most older adults have no desire or capacity for sexual relations. In other words, most older adults are typically … (0 comments)

aging in place baby boomers: aging-in-place (aka P A L A C E ) in Asheville Style - 04/20/15 03:25 AM

 aging-in-place (aka P A L A C E )  in Asheville Style
Asheville Real Estate Journal  
If YOU have been thinking about “quality of life” now that we are no longer spring chicks, here's some interesting information. It's our sustainability checklist. You may find it a helpful conversation -starter regardless of how old you are, but it could be an essential for  consideration by "boomers" older adults and intergenerational stakeholders who love the idea of "aging in P A L A C E ".

Daryl Rantis Architect -Example of Aging in P A L A C E
What follows is NOT a … (1 comments)

aging in place baby boomers: Aging in Place: IS this “stay-put” choice a solution for you and your children? - 04/01/15 11:05 PM
Aging in Place: IS  this  “stay-put” choice a solution for you and your children?
Here in Asheville, a top retirement town, quality of life remains center stage. And one consideration pro sustainable excellence involves a decision-  whether to “downsize” possibly sell your home and rent, or opt for a phased-in assisted living choice. Money management may play a considerable role in your decision-making process. A cost analysis can be helpful.

(See The Sage Companion Project’s Cost Analysis HERE )

Looking to the Future- LAND
Planned Money Management and Aging-in-Place : 6 Healthy Conversation Starters

aging in place baby boomers: Your Home as a Linchpin of Well-being - 02/11/15 01:50 AM
Asheville Real Estate Journal- Newsy-News : Perceptions on Aging
Perceptions of aging can and in actuality do influence the way people interact with each other. I've noticed this is true as well when it comes to expectations about older people  and how and where we choose to live.  Here is a collection of PDFs I have used in my related real estate choices research. ( Please note copyrights.)
and Resulting Real Estate Market Trends

HARVARD  Joint Center for Housing Studies and the AARP Foundation
“Affordable, … (1 comments)

aging in place baby boomers: The Longevity Economy Comes Home - 02/02/15 10:11 PM

Asheville Newsy-News and Journal
At Home and Sourcing the Longevity Economy
"We now are living in an environment that AARP tags as the longevity economy, and with our longer lives, we need technologies that can help us live our lives to the fullest. Adult children, care providers and tech-aware older adults can find solutions among the growing list of market entrants,” said Laurie Orlov. an advocate for possibilities for technology and “aging-in-place” .
Home Automation and the For Ever Home

" older adults can find solutions..."  
According to Aging in Place Technology … (2 comments)

aging in place baby boomers: 1031 Investment Ideas: Golden Girls, Asheville-Style - 12/10/14 03:11 AM

1031 Investment Ideas: Golden Girls, Asheville-Style...
AND NOW... a special focus on aging-in-place, or (as we refer to it) Aging in P A L A C E.  That’s because aging in place is the preferred lifestyle among a majority of boomers—71% of adults ages 50 to 64, according to AARP data earlier this year.
Taking this information, 1031 investors in Asheville may find a lucrative placement of their money in “Golden Girls” type housing opportunities.

Could a 4,000 sq. ft. residential property zoned multi-family be a good 1031 investment?
Consider the idea of  investments made … (1 comments)

aging in place baby boomers: Family ties are shaping the housing market. (Part 2) - 11/27/14 11:31 PM

Asheville Real Estate Journal -FUTURE PLANNING-Family ties are shaping the housing market. (Part 2)  

Looking down the road (photo) you may notice that family ties are impacting the housing market. More and more these days, it seems attractive to stay in a home re-imagined.    However, people do move from their family homes- possibly  trading up or down –literally- (the very popular open space design   features a ground floor master suite.)
Of course, the building industry is taking note of the growing demand for accessible living features as are forward-thinking real estate professionals who keep … (2 comments)

aging in place baby boomers: AGING IN A PALACE- Part 2 - 10/25/14 06:33 AM
AGING IN A PALACE : Life-course transitions mean change and many decisions to make. For those who are 50 and older, planning to add universal design elements to feather a nest can not only be wise, but can  make aging-in-place a masterfully-designed adventure. You can plan for  an AT LAST Home  where accessible, universal design allows function and aesthetics to coexist.


Darryl Rantis, Architect

We like to refer to this as  AGING IN  A  P A L A C E©  as opposed to "aging in place" – so in Part 2 of this series, ask … (1 comments)

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