asheville: The Asheville Bears (Not a Ball team) - 10/01/13 01:22 PM

The Bears of Asheville
The other day, we asked Keith Booth of New Image Painting Service to stop by to ECOstain the deck.

It was a clear day- early autumn-sunny and mild. We've been so appreciative of Keith's work - both exterior and interior- over the past ten years or so-
We have learned to listen to his advice. Of course he told us NOT to step on the newly painted decking. And - of course- we didn't. 
HOWEVER no one left a wet ECOstain  sign out for the Asheville Bears!
So, when-  early this morning -my furry dog pal and … (7 comments)

asheville: The 2nd Biggest Influence on Home Design: At Home & The “Boomers” (3) - 03/28/13 01:54 AM
The Second Biggest Influence on Home Design- IF you have read the current predictions  from the home-building industry you'll be aware of the forecast that aging will be the second-biggest influence on home design in the next few years [source:NAHB].Here in Asheville, we're giving this serious consideration- whether that be in constructing a "forever home" -as the couple you see in this photo may choose to do- or upgrading for aging-in-place.

It seems unlikely that older adults and “boomers”  will choose to move to “retirement homes” if they prefer not to do this. In fact, the Village Model and/or … (5 comments)

asheville: Housing Prediction: The “boomers” are coming (2) - 03/27/13 01:59 AM
Housing Prediction: The “boomers” are coming (2)
I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it, or something like it again:  A combination of  curiosity, love of excellence and sheer numbers can set in motion a home design re-calibration. This is especially true in the near future for “boomers” and older adults who prefer to live at home. And it is evident here in Asheville where sustainable excellence is a standard.
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to stay in your own home rather than in a nursing home? Yes! say more and more older adults who are … (3 comments)

asheville: Active Lifestyle- New Construction-Ashevile,NC - 08/31/12 11:04 AM
Active Lifestyle- New Construction -Ashevile
What could be the Retiring "Lucky Few" and/or Boomer Generations' Dream-Come-True?
For many of our clients it is a) staying connected meaningfully b) within the town/city environment . It is good to know that our clients can see their dreams come to fruition. One way this is happening is via the emerging "New Urbanist " concept - a "Village" concept that is becoming a trend across the nation.
Aging-in-place planning can occur way before clients retire. It can include new construction in a "Front Porch" community. Picture a place to live a lifetime and imagine  a … (1 comments)

asheville: "Oldie Couple" Goes Au Naturel with 5 Eco-Friendly Benefits - 07/31/12 01:40 AM
An “Oldie Couple” down the road from us has gone au naturel— their landscaping choices, that is. (for more photos on LEED and Green homes ->)    Soon after they did this, many of the residents in the neighborhood expressed concern that such “adventures”  - the cessation of mowing and weeding of seeded grass, the replacing of invasive species with native plants and trees, and the choice to “let nature have a hand,” would “de-nude”(lower) home values.  That is not an uncommon concern. Here is what actually happened.
As it turned out, giving nature the thumbs-up worked in  a positive way for … (5 comments)

asheville: Ponds- How to Create One (or More?)- Home as PALACE! - 06/07/12 12:15 AM
First of all, I am not objective when it comes to PONDS, or our colleague Jan Goldfield who must know more about the Making of an Amazing Water Feature than almost anyone else in the entire USA. I mean! Take a look at this one that she created...and start imagining one such as this at your homeplace.
Not long ago, my *old* friend, Jan Goldfield (AKA Pondlady) decided to share her vast knowledge about how to build and maintain a watery paradise. The result? An eBook (cover seen below. You can download it for just a few $$$ from almost any eBook … (3 comments)

asheville: Chestnut Mountain Neighborhood- VIDEO- Asheville Heavenly - 05/30/12 11:18 PM
The Chestnut Mountain Neighborhood (see my VIDEO walk) might be known as Asheville Boomers' Top (un) Retirement Heaven.
Take a walk with me along the trails and this building site at Asheville's Chestnut Mountain where the Green Plan means that mountain views are a gift all year round. Build a home based on universal design concepts(see photo) set for "aging-in place" (I call it aging-in PALACE"  with a view that can go on forever.
Within 10 minutes of downtown Asheville, NC, on this nearly 80 acre eco-friendly development, you  may find a true Baby Boomer carrying a picnic basket while … (5 comments)

asheville: Asheville Creative “Retirement” Alternatives - 03/14/12 07:15 AM
As a REALTOR working with Asheville second homes and  creative “retirement” alternatives,  I think about The “New” Vision of Aging…and what “ successful aging”  involves in terms of coming to a feathered nest...whether navigating on snow skis or wheelchair.How Long Will I Live?Here is a fascinating calculator  (IF you dare =)  from the Wharton Statistics Department at the University of Pennsylvania. Give it a try if you will…and let me  know what you think!  “With elongating lifespans, the number of seniors is rapidly growing. Pundits and politicians warn of the consequent drain on our resources. But what if we viewed this … (3 comments)

asheville: GREEN Homebuyers - 2009 Outlook - 05/09/09 06:16 AM
 "Green home building supporters should work with REALTORS®, appraisers and other financing institutions to accelerate market penetration of green homes, " according to a recent Smart Market Report. So this is just a quick heads-up. . .
Understanding market trends and issues   and how an industry may function in the future is one key to success for clients and real estate professionals, alike. So possibly pick up/download the report on key trendsin the construction industry that "provides you with instant access to a succinct snapshot of the construction industry to help you build a firm knowledge base about market conditions, trends, and leaders. "

asheville: Historic Voting Day, November 7, 2008 : 1 Picture I Nation - 11/04/08 12:51 AM
and the highest good for all concerned....
our wish....from the mountains of Western North Carolina...

asheville: Carolina Blue Skies, Warps and Splinters - 09/30/07 04:34 PM
Perfect Carolina Blue sky today here in Asheville-mountain air clear and crisp as the warp and splinter of the world will allow. And this got me thinking about preserving and improving the quality of outdoor or ambient air.
As a land specialist, I think about things like that-about the troposphere and stratosphere, and how each affects the quality of life on Earth differently. I remember emphasizing this to my students when I was a schoolteacher (seems like a thousand years ago)....Maybe you remember learning that the troposphere begins at the Earth's surface and extends for 6-10 miles. It absolutely and directly affects the health … (16 comments)

asheville: OOOO-Yuckkkk. Contamination. Or CAN sustainable, green development happen here? Field Trip. - 08/23/07 01:16 AM
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REALTORS'®Due Diligence- Check out THIS list.
Leaking Underground Storage Tanks   (LUSTs)                            LandfillsSuperfund SitesWater Quality Assurance Revolving Priority Fund SitesEPA Proposed Superfund Sites (CERCLIS)Hazardous Waste Sites Hazardous WasteOOOO-YUCK! Who wants to talk about all this gookie-stuff?
 Raise your hands.Do I see one-hand? Do I see a few hands? Show me a few hands. Let me tell you a true story. Then maybe those hands will show up.
 Recently, we were on the hunt for land for a sustainable, green development for one of our clients. We were excited to hear about 60+ acres that overlooks the … (114 comments)

asheville: 99999 Seven Glens Drive, Mars Hill, N.C. 28754 PENDING - 07/19/07 09:50 AM
 UPDATE: 10/07 MOTIVATED SELLER for LAND Near Asheville, N.C.
Here is land for sale  just 20 minutes from Asheville, North Carolina. And it's an easy drive you will love.
This land could be your private retreat, acreage for a family Vacation/Second Home. Whatever you choose,  THIS is amazing acreage with vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the sound of a cascading stream, and your own private, yet not remote place (again, just 20 minutes from Asheville, NC.) 
It is rare that you will find land for sale of this size and quality. This 27+ AC parcel with amazing distant views awaits your land planning … (23 comments)

asheville: Love MAPS? - 07/05/07 10:06 AM

I don't know about you, but I LOVE maps!I love unwrapping them the night before a journey into places unknown, spreading them out, full-paged, on the kitchen table. It makes me smile to gather "the crew" around those cartograms and talk into the night about a mutual adventure that is just around the bend.
Context. That is exactly what maps provide. If you are out on the road, feeling lost and all alone in some mysterious land far from familiar city lights, all you need to do is park under a weeping willow by a bubbling brook and get out your map.
Keeping in mind … (27 comments)

asheville: Tailgate Markets Mean Fresh Picks and Fun for the Family - 07/03/07 12:44 AM
Not too long ago, our local farmers, artisans, craftspeople and music-makers got together to create one of the treasures of our sustainable community here in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  
They formed the  Mountain Tailgate Market Association(MTMA) in 2002. Their collaborative effort with sustainable agriculture as its seminal force brings more than fresh food, artisan crafts of the area's farmers, artists, bakers, food processors, and other products made by local vendors.
The weekly tailgate markets they conceived now bring a sense of community --the chance to spend time with your neighbors delighting in your "green roots" . This seems to be something that everyone  cherishes. 
(logo courtesy of … (4 comments)

asheville: STARlight #8 ~ You're "IT", KRISTAL KRAFT! - 04/28/07 04:52 PM
This is the 8th in a series on STARlight People and Performances at Active Rain. You can catch those you may have missed by checking the list at the end of this article...but stay with me now, because I have a great  story to reveal today! Today, we're shining the light on KRSITAL KRAFT.Here's your chance to get to know her and to look into articles that offer practical remedies from which we all can benefit.  This feature shines the light on useful value-added factors real estate professionals can add to their toolbox when involved in their multi-faceted transactions.
STARQuotes: " I love construction sites.  It … (27 comments)

asheville: Guess Why Asheville is a "Hopping" Vacation & Second Home Destination Spot! - 04/24/07 09:20 AM
Once you have experienced Asheville, you will understand the "Paris of the South" in the mountains of Western North Carolina ranks among the favorite second home and vacation spots. But let me give you a few quick reasons:
1) The people are amazing, full of life, and great storytellers.
2) The locally -grown FOOD (see link below) is delicious and good for you!
3) There's FUN galore.
Find out for yourself by "hopping" on   one of our "down-home' tours.
                        photo courtesy of Asheville Trolley Tours
Asheville Historic Trolley Tours - Hop on the darling trolley for an hour or so and ay narrated tour … (6 comments)

asheville: Habitat for Humanity & Community Volunteer REALTOR® Challenge! - 04/10/07 12:32 AM
I posted an article on Habitat for Humanityand REALTOR® involvement on a home here in the Asheville, N.C. area for which our own Corey Atherton is the point person.
"Through the dedication and energy of a group of real estate professionalsled  by our own Active Rain Member,  and ECO-All-Star, Corey Atherton, one Family's dream is about to come true , " I wrote.
We have quite a conversation going on that article, and it has opened up to a CHALLENGE to all real estate and real estate-related professionals!
Here's how the CHALLENGE  came about: This morning I replied to a comment  Ginger Sala, another … (22 comments)

asheville: STARlight # 6 ** SHERON CARDIN ** Spotlight's on This ECo-All-Star for Her Creativity - 03/28/07 06:57 PM
We are now 101 members of the ECO-All-Stars! may take me a few months to introduce y'all...but that's my intent,        so hang on to your greenies! Each time I read about one of the ECO-STARS  I find myself smiling. I wonder if you do, too?...How could you NOT when you see photos like this one (to the right)? To me, there is a special  sense of communitythat opens up as we get to know each other better. Which one of these shining people do you think is our STAR today?
Hint: She has blond hair.
For me, I  find useful value-added factors real estate professionals can add … (24 comments)

asheville: Historic Preservation, Asheville, N.C. Style. The Griffin Award. - 03/20/07 05:17 PM
Asheville, North Carolina is noted for incredible historic buildings. There is a great deal of interest in our area around historic preservation, as you might expect.  Many of us are at work to sustain the heritage and the sense of place that is Asheville ...and this  work involves preserving the unique historic resources we are so proud of here.The Preservation Society of Asheville and Buncombe County founded in 1976,  has "provided critical leadership in local efforts to preserve the rich cultural legacy of the region through four primary areas of activity: advocacy, education, technical preservation assistance, and historic property intervention."
 You may have … (2 comments)

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