asheville 1031 land: Investing in Beautiful Asheville, NC (part2) - 10/13/17 11:45 AM
Mountain Homes and Land Legacies
Investing in Beautiful Asheville, NC 
 1031 Investing in Beautiful Asheville, NC 
I am not a Qualified Intermediary. But I  have taken many courses to help me point out potential pitfalls, even though I am a real estate broker who specializes in LAND. With this in mind,  I can suggest that real property investors  DO NOT :

1) inadvertently indicate in a Contract that they  intend to live in the property,
2) sign a listing agreement soon after its purchase,
3) apply for “owner occupied” financing on the property,
4)  move into that property within a specified period … (0 comments)

asheville 1031 land: Investing in Beautiful Asheville, NC - 10/12/17 06:22 AM
Some mention "climate change"-  others insist it's simply because Asheville, NC is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Regardless of the reasons, investing in beautiful Asheville, NC makes sense to me. Having enjoyed life here for decades, I can speak from experience. 
And how are they going about investing? A number of clients are investing in Asheville, NC. With volatile weather along the East Coast of the USA, some are exchanging their condos at the beach. They executing 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges here in the higher elevations of our beautiful mountains. My team and I  always point out that … (0 comments)

asheville 1031 land: Another One on Tap in Asheville 1031? - 04/26/15 10:25 PM
Asheville is a center  of good taste. Maybe that's why another brewery is looking to locate here as reported in the Asheville Citizen-Times:
"Oregon-based Deschutes Brewery, the nation's sixth largest craft-beer brewer, is looking to build a brewery and distribution center that will allow it to expand in the Southeast and along the East Coast. Deschutes representatives in December visited several Asheville sites, including a 137-acre parcel recently purchased by Buncombe County, and plan to return in May."
As Asheville area 1031 investment and  land brokers, (see the GORGEOUS example below) we have to ask...will there be yet another on on tap? (We're … (1 comments)

asheville 1031 land: 1031 TODAY: Take Advantage of ASHEVILLE Real Estate Insights (1) - 03/24/15 10:45 PM

Asheville Real Estate Journal: 1031 TODAY: Take Advantage of ASHEVILLE Real Estate Insights (1)
Big Advantages for Asheville buyers, sellers and 1031 investors    can shown up for you when you do this: Combine your insights  with the (perhaps more)  obvious categorizing, comparing, and measuring involved in the very practical art of buying and selling property.
Creating a home on the Land and the securing the Land itself  in the slopes of  Asheville’s beautiful  mountains is an art form. 

"Feeling the Land"
It's all about feeling the land. It reminds  me of that … (1 comments)

asheville 1031 land: Asheville 1031 LAND-Invest Now - 02/09/15 12:34 AM
Asheville Real Estate Journal :Invest in the Land -
 YOU are HERE with a professional and
PERSONALIZED adventure in investing in Asheville acreages.

·        Whether you have lived in the Asheville area all of your life, or your are relocating to this beautiful area, we are interested in what feels attractive to you and your family-  your lifestyle, your goals.
As you look to the future, we offer excellent REFERRAL services to people we know and trust. This is a complimentary service to you to accompany "tons 'n tons" of resources for buyers, investors, and … (2 comments)

asheville 1031 land: Asheville Land Broker "Talks Dirt", Conservation LAND - 01/22/15 11:27 PM

Conservation Land:  An Asheville Land Broker "Talks Dirt"
   On a 45-minute drive, there is much land to see as you traverse the mountains and valleys around Asheville. It’s a good idea to get on the road early if you desire to connect with conservation land. Dawn's soft light provides moments for taking photos and a good time to see acreage with conservation potential for sale near Asheville, N.C.       So, if you are an adventurous early-rising conservation land investor let’s "talk dirt" while we roll on down a highway where dark-blue mountains are fringed the fifty-shades-of-blue skies where … (4 comments)

asheville 1031 land: Post50 People, Investment Properties, Trends - Asheville-Style - 12/04/14 09:17 PM

Asheville Real Estate Journal
Recently a number of Asheville  REALTORS ® got together to talk about a wide range of subjects: Trends, client investment strategies, land, conservation and issues that come up during "deal evaluation". And we stirred up quite a conversation on the potential impact of (un)retiring “boomers”  on the marketplace. Was this all part of the "use change" process? We could picture how this might look... .

Examples: A pocket neighborhood... or maybe small apartment building  converted for Aging-in-Place – that Golden Girls concept. How about that?!!  There might be some challenges, for sure- … (1 comments)

asheville 1031 land: Asheville Land Brokers- Stories from the Land Series - 06/19/13 10:32 PM

The continuing saga- Asheville Land Brokers- Stories from the Land -
Here's the challenge: An intergenerational family plans to build three homes on walkable land. That can be a bit of a challenge in the terrain around Asheville, NC.
We are in the grandmother Appalachian Mountains, as you know. This family wants to create a pocket neighborhood. We are excited about that!  We are up for this challenge.
The homes (small and age-friendly- meaning they are accessible and work well for Everybody.) Our clients intend to situate them around the perimeter while a portion of the land is  to be reserved for … (0 comments)

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