asheville aging in place: Home- Post 50 - 03/08/18 12:10 PM
My friend has been feeling the challenges of aging. “Sometimes,” she confided, “I feel like a chicken walking around in circles left out in the world-at large.” Of course, her analogy tickled me with its  bit of sardonic humor .
It’s important to make wise choices as we age.  At the Sage Companion Project   (  )  we place special emphasis on an over-arching concept of the value of each person - regardless of age or physical ability.  One topic  we discus is  “aging-in –place.”  This is a phrase used to describe “The ability to live in one’s … (1 comments)

asheville aging in place: Staging for Positive Action - Asheville Style - 01/27/18 07:38 AM
Asheville Real Estate Journal
Staging for Positive Action
There is value in presentation of a product, whether that be a lavish dinner at a restaurant frequented by those  who appreciate chef-level food, or - especially of interest to buyers and sellers- the visual appeal of a house.  I have always been interested in interior design and how it can increase the possibility for happy outcomes for buyers, sellers and real estate agents.

To that point, here is a print from a large canvas I did a number of years ago where I was trying to work out how angles and circles could not only compliment but complement … (1 comments)

asheville aging in place: Interior Design Themes 2018 ( Part 2) - 01/10/18 01:08 PM
Asheville Real Estate Journal
. Over at the River Arts District, you will encounter artists in various mediums. Many of our clients are looking at how to "age-in-place" while staying engaged. In fact, if you are out and about around Asheville, you may notice a nod to DESIGN. Creative People live here, and are happy to share ideas with you. 

Interior Design Themes
That's where many professionals suggest the use of color and design … (4 comments)

asheville aging in place: Holiday Season Musings - 11/25/17 09:05 AM
HOLIDAY SEASON MUSINGS on a gorgeous, crisp, almost-winter day here in Asheville, N.C. 
A certain thrill is in the air and a metaphor born with the revelation of a “derived atomic model” as per:    "An image of the thin glassy film between two silicon nitride grains revealing individual lanthanum atoms attached to the grain surfaces... [ where a] derived atomic model is superimposed...."  
This breakthrough also might be an “atomic model”  for a great burst of human creativity.  Surely,  scientists  making strides in the ceramics industry, are not the only creative people around. How about YOU? 
There is genius across all fields … (2 comments)

asheville aging in place: at home... control your own destiny - 08/07/17 08:27 AM

Do you have a friend or relative who might feel more comfortable visiting you if your home were more accessible? We do. And we know that there is much to be said for a comfortable home that makes sense for you, your family and friends.

In fact, the topic of all inclusive homes is “hot” these days. It seems “Boomers” are spearheading a trend toward staying in a “FOR ever” home - one intended for today, and for years to come (“aging in place”). How about you? Would it make sense to have the things you need … (1 comments)

asheville aging in place: Your FOR EVER Home - 08/01/17 06:22 AM
As you envision your life 10, 20, 30 or more years down the road- possibly building the perfect "FOR EVER" home on land we find together where does getting around your home easily rank on your list of priorities?
Are YOU up for a "stair-free" amble around a one-floor home, or extending your living space via a small, elevator to the second floor? And, how does one combine beauty and function?
There's a little link just below and an eBooklet, too that any number of our clients tell us has been helpful in evaluating the benefits of having all your basic … (0 comments)

asheville aging in place: Your Asheville Lifetime Feathered Nest - 06/22/17 08:53 AM
Creating a Feathered Nest of a Lifetime?  
With luck, you will be old some day. Are you planning a place to live in comfort and style? Plenty of light and ease of navigation  may be on the table for discussion- (see photo) -but there's more to consider, and (P.S.) you don't have to be OLD to live in an ever evolving home.

Regardless of age or physical ability, a plan of action that works in the best interest of all stakeholders can be a value-added feature for buyers/ sellers and investors in Asheville area real estate.   
But, what is a good starting point? An ACTION PLAN for creating feathered … (0 comments)

asheville aging in place: "Boomers" on the Move - 02/15/17 08:52 AM
"Boomers" on the Move ~ YOUR Style 

Any number of "boomers" and older adults seek information from our referral network for what they are calling their "Last Move" to  a "For Ever" home. In that regard,  there's much to think about. This, and posts to follow,  address some of the most common considerations/challenges.
Here is what people who are downsizing discuss with me.  If YOU are considering  downsizing from a family home to one where you can  experience, as I like to say,   Aging in P A L A C E -  (you can check out our best selling Sage Companion Project  booklet  in that subject at … (2 comments)

asheville aging in place: Your "For Ever" Home –Accessibility and Small Home Spaces(2) - 03/05/16 10:23 PM
 Asheville Real Estate Journal 
You may find this series of interest . It's dedicated to Post50 People and "Boomer" Family and Friends - Your  "For Ever"  Home –Accessibility and Small Home Spaces. ( You can fast track to the video below.)
As I noted in Part 1, Sage and John, a smart couple were beginning their Post-50 adventure with their choice to  create a sanctuary – their “dream place”. And, it was clear to them that they wanted to build something small.
Their ultimate dream home would be far from  huge. In fact, this goes along with a concept that is getting more and more popular it … (2 comments)

asheville aging in place: THE Home, Post 50 ~ Asheville-Style - 01/22/16 11:41 PM
Asheville Real Estate Journal
Not long ago, I had an interesting conversation with  someone (a Post-50 Person) who is planning for her future.  Here's a snapshot of our discussion..about changes and decision-making.
Transitions mean change and many decisions to make. For those who are 50 and older, planning to add universal design elements to feather a nest can not only be wise, but can  make aging-in-place a masterfully-designed adventure. It seems important to plan for  an AT LAST Home  where accessible, universal design allows function and aesthetics to coexist, as in this interior space.

If you are ready, willing, and able  to set a … (3 comments)

asheville aging in place: Asheville NC Neighborhoods You Can Love - 10/01/15 10:52 PM
Asheville NC Neighborhoods You Can Love – Montford
It has been said, and I believe it is true that, in any neighborhood, the people who live there can make it distinct. Take, for example, Asheville’s Montford neighborhood. Through their vibrant sustainable community spirit, these Asheville residents make their neighborhood a great place to visit and an even greater place in which to live.
Montford, This Historic Neighborhood is HAPPENING! 
Thoughtful design. A “Close In” neighborhood of about 300 acres. A lovely and rich diversity of architectural styles. A great place for a FOREVER home.
Neighbors: Like most neighborhoods in Asheville, NC, the folks who … (3 comments)

asheville aging in place: YOU, smart living spaces & Asheville - 06/28/15 05:48 AM
Asheville Newsy-News :YOU and smart living spaces-
IMAGINE a " green"-  an energy efficient , high performance home that gives you "staying power"- or temporary quarters as you build  on beautiful Asheville area acreage. Maybe something like the "greenbuilt" home you see below that we visited and photographed not long ago...(?) OR...
"greenbuilt" home in Asheville, N.C.
How would that look to you? A lock ‘n leave a structure on land you are preserving in the mountains outside of Asheville,  as per this post I wrote back in 2008 ?  

Have you ever thought of the possibiliy of turning a cargo container into a … (1 comments)

asheville aging in place: Aging in Place: IS this “stay-put” choice a solution for you and your children? - 04/01/15 11:05 PM
Aging in Place: IS  this  “stay-put” choice a solution for you and your children?
Here in Asheville, a top retirement town, quality of life remains center stage. And one consideration pro sustainable excellence involves a decision-  whether to “downsize” possibly sell your home and rent, or opt for a phased-in assisted living choice. Money management may play a considerable role in your decision-making process. A cost analysis can be helpful.

(See The Sage Companion Project’s Cost Analysis HERE )

Looking to the Future- LAND
Planned Money Management and Aging-in-Place : 6 Healthy Conversation Starters

asheville aging in place: Post 50 People-Real Estate Choices & Trends - 02/18/15 10:50 PM
Asheville Real Estate Journal: Post 50 and Beyond the Narrow
I hopped over to The Sage Companion Project the other day. It’s an effort to reach out to a certain demographic you might recognize as most interesting if you follow trends in the real estate market- and work with Post 50 People. I noted that  Jan Goldfield, a Sage Companion contributor,  had a few choice words for those instructing others to,   “ Accept things like they are. Don't make waves. Don't draw attention to yourself. Hush. The teacher/minister/clerk/doctor/dentist wants you to be quiet and not interrupt. Don't ask questions.” 

asheville aging in place: The Longevity Economy Comes Home - 02/02/15 10:11 PM

Asheville Newsy-News and Journal
At Home and Sourcing the Longevity Economy
"We now are living in an environment that AARP tags as the longevity economy, and with our longer lives, we need technologies that can help us live our lives to the fullest. Adult children, care providers and tech-aware older adults can find solutions among the growing list of market entrants,” said Laurie Orlov. an advocate for possibilities for technology and “aging-in-place” .
Home Automation and the For Ever Home

" older adults can find solutions..."  
According to Aging in Place Technology … (2 comments)

asheville aging in place: THE LIFETIME REALTOR® – Clients - 12/13/14 10:37 PM

Asheville Real Estate Journal- THE LIFETIME REALTOR® – Clients and the Real Estate Market

One “Old REALTOR®” now into his late 60s and I talked recently. He revealed that he had devised his Asheville  REALTOR® 30-year game-plan. He has lifelong associations with his clients who now are asking his assistance as they pay cash for age-appropriate dwellings.
A trend in the real estate market
That brought to mind a summary by Cassandra Dowell , an Award-winning journalist and  reporter on surprising findings of interest to Post50 People.   Recently she spotlighted articles from the Wall … (2 comments)

asheville aging in place: FLOORING: A Glass Floor, REALLY?? - 12/09/14 01:05 PM
Asheville Real Estate Journal
Knowing her aptitude for finding excellent products,  it was really no surprise when, on a recent visit to one of the homes our Green-Builder friend had under construction here in Asheville, we discovered glass tile—and in a place we had not expected—on the floor of the laundry room! (see photo)

REALLY??  We knew that she is always on the lookout for "all-inclusive design" and sustainable elements she can incorporate in her projects. She is especially intrigued when elements not only are environmentally responsible, but infuse spaces with an artistic quality. But on the … (6 comments)

asheville aging in place: Homes & (Un)Retiring, Asheville Style FAQs Part 2 - 12/06/14 01:40 AM

If you are a person  who seeks a  lifestyle with open-ended possibilities, possibly you will find yourself asking  “When? Where? How? What?” questions. This most likely will involve a few self-guided tours and accompanying discoveries.  We are happy to sit down and talk with you about those  frequently discussed questions such as those that follow.

"Looking to the Future"- one of our favorite original photos by Sally Maher
 Retiring FAQs Question-  Alternative Dwelling Choices
If we decide to sell our home what are a few alternatives we might consider? 
There … (1 comments)

asheville aging in place: Post50 People, Investment Properties, Trends - Asheville-Style - 12/04/14 09:17 PM

Asheville Real Estate Journal
Recently a number of Asheville  REALTORS ® got together to talk about a wide range of subjects: Trends, client investment strategies, land, conservation and issues that come up during "deal evaluation". And we stirred up quite a conversation on the potential impact of (un)retiring “boomers”  on the marketplace. Was this all part of the "use change" process? We could picture how this might look... .

Examples: A pocket neighborhood... or maybe small apartment building  converted for Aging-in-Place – that Golden Girls concept. How about that?!!  There might be some challenges, for sure- … (1 comments)

asheville aging in place: Age Groups, Marketing and Real Estate - Do the Math - 12/03/14 09:06 PM
Asheville Real Estate Journal

Age Groups, Marketing and Real Estate- Do the Math

"Do the Math" graphic is from z-ART-z ! studios,asheville, n.c.
Current demographic reports (USA and UK)  on the mindset, behavior and attitudes of “Boomers” and Post50 People  indicate that  marketers are wrong when ignoring communications that target Older Adults.
DO THE MATH - Here's Why
Over 80% of the respondents think that advertisers don’t know much about their mindset and lifestyle It seems that marketers assume that all Older Adult customers are the same. Almost ¾ of this target market do NOT … (1 comments)

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