asheville green real estate: Asheville Luxury Homes and Neighborhoods - 08/24/14 07:07 AM

Asheville Luxury Homes and Neighborhoods-The Ramble at Biltmore Forest
Wonderful weather here in Asheville.  So, we have been exploring notable Asheville’s “Luxury Homes” and “Most Expensive”  communities. It’s always interesting to see what’s new- especially in “green” construction.
One luxury neighborhood not to miss is the Ramble at Biltmore Forest.What an amazing place to call home over a lifetime! Feathered nests for "aging-in-place"? No worries!
If you are a person who likes to be careful about design and construction details, you will appreciate the involvement of the Design Review Committee (DRC) at the Ramble at … (4 comments)

asheville green real estate: Asheville Green Real Estate FYI -What Lasts? - 06/24/12 11:31 PM
Asheville Green Real Estate FYI-What Lasts? (Part 1)
Asheville Green Real Estate Journal
WHAT LASTS? In Asheville, NC, the conversation about green real estate is turning to the subject of sustainability. It is just part of an on-going back porch conversation between neighbors and friends on the nature of authentic Green building and develpment.  
David: What we have seen in the development community is the recognition from developers that green development is extremely marketable.  The problem is that some developers just are not really all that interested in creating a green developments… 
Marcus: I have heard that “green” … (7 comments)

asheville green real estate: Montford Neighborhood in Asheville- WHAT LASTS! (part 2) - 06/24/12 11:16 PM
 Montford Neighborhood -What Lasts (part 2)Asheville Green Real Estate Conversation…Asheville Real Estate Journal
The Scene: Asheville's Montford neighborhood- a balmy evening- and the sound of an eco-friendly conversation from the back porch overlooking one of  the Montford Neighbohood's parks. . .(see photo)
 David Tuch , VP Equinox Environmental,  and Marcus Renner former President of the Green Building Council here in Asheville and Sustainability Consultant...on the nature of autnetic green building/development...and What Lasts...
Eco-Friendly is Trendy
David: What we have seen in the development community is the recognition from developers that green development is extremely marketable.  So to take advantage of … (2 comments)

asheville green real estate: Asheville NC Relocation Checklist Questions - 01/07/12 06:39 AM
Asheville Relocation. In 2012, I’m asking my Asheville relocation clients the following “priorities essential” questions:
1.      How would you define the  community in which you would choose to live? (Upscale, green-built homes? HealthyBuilt® Homes in an Eco Village?  Small, sustainable farms? Progressive, artistic, creative neighborhood?)
2.      What are some of your favorite hobbies and/or interests?
3.      Would Asheville’s Center for Creative Retirement be a consideration for you?
4.      Would UNCA be a consideration for you and your Family?
5.      As you relocate from ___ ?___ are you expecting to scale down?
6.      From Asheville’s city limits, what is … (7 comments)

asheville green real estate: Renewable Energy for Asheville Area Farms - 01/06/12 02:51 AM
Your heart can skip a happy beat just seeing the farms and farmland for sale around Asheville. (You may have surmised when reading my series on Asheville’s sustainable farms.) Now, Mountain Valleys Resource Conservation and Development, (MVRCD)  a non-profit that has managed resource conservation and economic development projects in western North Carolina since 1976, has “heart-warming" news. MVRCD has announced that it is accepting applications for its Green Energy Program. Western North Carolina farmers interested in generating renewable energy on their farms can apply. 
This could be of special value given what Green Energy Grants could represent for the community … (1 comments)

asheville green real estate: Asheville’s Sustainable Farms Though the Generations - 01/03/12 03:44 AM
BARNS! American Chestnut -Long-Lasting Family Farms Asheville Asheville Real Estate Journal
American Chestnut trees have played an important role in our forest ecosystems here in the Appalachians. (see earlier post) Back in the day, wildlife prospered with crops thousands of American chestnuts produced every single year.
And the American Chestnut’s durability made it a perfect choice  to use for building barns and homes….a few of which I have seen near this American Chestnut Tobacco Barn you too can see in person.
Paul Gallimore,  founder of Long Branch will tell you that this American Chestnut structure was built around 1920 … (7 comments)

asheville green real estate: 2012 Real Estate Trends Move Toward What Lasts - 12/28/11 05:21 AM
2012- Looking Ahead  - Supply and Demand For real estate professionals and our clients, keeping an eye on real estate market trends and how the industry may function in the future can be a  key to success today…and into the future. “We have a limited amount of resources available and more and more people using them up. If we want our future generations to enjoy the same standard of living we've experienced, we need to take action, “ reports the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).
NAR suggests a great place start the process is with green building. Whether that means new … (3 comments)

asheville green real estate: Asheville Farms,Homes on the Land For Sale - 12/21/11 06:23 AM
Asheville Homes on the Land For SaleAsheville Real Estate Journal
Western North Carolina’s first settlers helped to shape the farms, farming and settlement patterns of the Asheville Appalachian mountain region that people in the Carolinas carry on to this day, as detailed in Parts 1 and 2 of this series. After reading the previous posts, you may find that you are curious about the
availability of sustainable farms and farmland real estate in the Asheville area…especially sincea few of your favorite photos in the slideshow may depict farms and farmland for sale within easy driving distance of Asheville.   
What to … (3 comments)

asheville green real estate: Sustainable Farming -Asheville Home and Land Through the Generations (2) - 12/20/11 02:33 AM
Home on the LandAsheville Real Estate Journal 
Sustainable Farming -Asheville Though the Generations- Early settlers in the Carolinas, my “far-grandparents” being among them, borrowed agricultural practices from the Native Americans. They incorporated them into their own farming practices  creating a sustainable way of life that included orchards and vegetable gardens. (see Part 1 for details). Those first settlers helped to shape the farms, farming and settlement patterns of the southern Appalachian mountain region people in the Carolinas carry on to this day.  
Here is a slideshow that takes you on a tour of tour of family farms and farmlands in the … (6 comments)

asheville green real estate: Home And Land- Asheville Yesterday and Today- (1) - 12/19/11 03:35 PM
Home And Land- Asheville Yesterday and Today-  (1)
Home on the LandAsheville Real Estate Journal Interested in preserving  farmlands and mountain landscapes? Perhaps your interest, like ours is inherited.  Our ancestors arrived in the Carolinas in the 1770s, when English, German, Scottish, Irish, French, Welsh, and Africans began the work-intensive struggle to settle upon the Land. They came first to the coastal areas of the Carolinas. Later, they migrated inland and then to the mountains of Western North Carolina.
 Today we, following in their footsteps, and with the help of their good-stewardship of the Land , now still have the opportunity to make our Home … (3 comments)

asheville green real estate: Urban communities. Emerald Green Asheville Style - 12/06/11 08:24 AM
Urban communities.  Emerald Green Asheville Style
stepped pathways public plazas terraces and courtyards a bakery and barber shop a children's library of art and architecture an artists' cooperative restaurants and small local shops ***  

If you are a person who values sustainability, the New Urbanism, and in establishing and engaging in green communities your imagination can take you to places of delight and comfort.
If you are a person who wants a say in how this all comes together…  on a “human scale” and on a workforce budget …
AND if all this … (3 comments)

asheville green real estate: Urban Emerald Green-Asheville Style - 12/04/11 06:17 AM
 Sustainability. The New Urbanism. Establishing and engaging in green communities.A creative yet traditional approach.
If you are a person who find the above phrases intriguing,  you may be interested to know how some Asheville NC developers approach these concepts.
A number of Asheville’s eco-friendly developers  host design charrettes where they, urban planners and architects hold conversations with interested parties.
 Creative studios, cafes, shops, homes  on a “human scale” and on a workforce could well be on the agenda for discussion. Neighborhood participants can let them know a “wish list” at that time…perhaps this will include:  Solar hot water, extra insulation, radiant … (2 comments)

asheville green real estate: Define a Green Home - 06/14/11 02:45 AM
Asheville Real Estate Journal: Define a Green Home 
If you have been reading Asheville Greenolina's Blog for even a short time, you will know that it centers around healthy homes, land, and living. Not long ago, a reader asked me to define a "green" home.   After all this time, I realized that possibly I had  not done here it is: 
Definition of a Green (Healthy-Built) Home
A green home consists of an integrated, holistic system designed to take into serious account the wellness of the home owners, on many levels...from the aesthetic to the very practical. A Green-built home (or … (5 comments)

asheville green real estate: Real Estate Clients Demand Quality, Longevity & Healthy Living Spaces - 06/07/11 05:14 AM
Asheville Real Estate JournalQuality, Longevity & Healthy Living Spaces - No wonder today's home buyers seek the value of green-built homes.
To achieve this objective, one Asheville eco-friendly builder selects  onlynon-toxic paints on the interior of the house, uses only rainforest sealer for all interior wood trim, and windows,  and insists on Bona-Traffic water-based low- VOC finish for all hardwood floors.
This selectivity does not stop on the outside.
Interior floors must be finished using a new dustless sanding systemthat filters the dust through HEPA filters leaving the air and the interior virtually dust-free. All registers for the HVAC … (2 comments)

asheville green real estate: Has Green REALLY Gone Mainstream? - 05/24/11 09:28 AM
Green  Gone Mainstream
Asheville Real Estate Journal 
Sustainable innovation:  
Smaller footprints, daylighting , snug building shells, Energy Star ®appliances, no/low VOC paints and adhesives, rainwater harvesting...and the going green list goes on with features that are touted as good for your health and pocketbook...and even the future of your grandkids.
Is it hype?  Not in Asheville, NC. Here, homes  showcase a clever blossoming of style and common sense stirring the imagination of REALTORS® and our clients alike. 
Take, for example our WNC Healthy Built Homes® (see photo I took not too long ago.) These eco-friendly beauties are preferred to traditional homes … (12 comments)

asheville green real estate: A Real “Daisy” of a Real Estate Closing Gift - Asheville-Style - 05/21/11 07:02 AM
A Real-Daisy of a Real Estate Closing Gift - Asheville-StyleAsheville Real Estate Journal- Indoor Air Quality 
Gerber Daisies make perfect closing gifts for our Asheville real estate clients- and not just because they are pretty. These beauties also devour toxins and support healthy indoor air quality (IAQ). And that’s Asheville Style!  

Plants long have been known as nature’s purifiers. They can help to maintain the oxygen supply not only outside on this blue planet, but inside homes. NASA scientists, interested in long trips in small spaces,  discovered that indoor plants can drastically reduce toxic chemical levels because photosynthesizing plants and their roots and associated microorganisms act to break down contaminants which are then … (4 comments)

asheville green real estate: REALTORS® What is Your Time Worth? - 04/15/11 04:42 AM
REALTORS® what are our services  and our time worth?
How do YOU calculate your value in terms of dollars? Do you keep records  to track your time providing services.And mileage?Do you educate your clients as to the services you provide? And interpret their value in terms of benefits for your clients?
Do you add value for braving storms, floods and dark of night? (photo is from Dave Roberts, a great colleague.)
Do you translate your earnings over a period of five (5) years into an hourly rate?
In a recent post on my blog, I presented a list of 150+ … (48 comments)

asheville green real estate: Going Green: Asheville Eco-Community to Provide Learning Experiences at Hickory Nut Forest - 12/11/09 12:12 AM
GOING GREEN: Mountain homes and land legacies
I am excited about the trend toward eco-savvy communities in the Asheville NCarea. In a time when many communities may be drawing inward, the opposite seems true when I research eco-friendly communities for my clients. Here is an example - news from Hickory Nut Forest Eco-Community near Asheville.
Hickory Nut Forest Eco-community has created a non-profit called Mountain Roots whose Mission Statement reveals that the non-profit is dedicated to providing discovery and adventure learning experiences, while exposing participants to a working model of environmentally responsible and community-centered living.
The purpose of Mountain Roots … (5 comments)

asheville green real estate: "Green" Sustainable Property Asheville Style! It's Exciting. - 12/02/09 06:40 AM
green real estate asheville- "Green" Sustainable Property Asheville Style!  Asheville, North Carolina's  creative citizenry including a growing number of NAR GREEN  ndECO Certified® Real Estate Consultants have their hearts set  on finding "smart" ways to approach healthy choices in both home AND land design and use that  enhance a sense of community.
Things HAPPEN when people start getting together and talking. And the  talk here in the Greater Asheville area, where "THINGS" already are happening is about making wise choices in terms of GREEN.  It's exciting!
green real estate asheville: While the environmental  and social benefits of green buildings to a community … (0 comments)

asheville green real estate: The Secret Behind Customer Demand for Energy Efficient Homes - 10/22/09 02:22 AM
What is Behind Customer Demand for Energy Efficient Homes?   That's what a seasoned builder here in Asheville wanted to know.  
"The local Green Building Council says that HealthyBuilt Homes®  are leading the way in the built environment," he said.
 "What would make me want to build them?"
 That is a good question, and one that seems to be coming up more and more even in a challenging economy where the impact on the real estate market is significant.
Here are just three (3) "secrets" I suggested he consider:
•1.      Customer demand for energy efficient homes. From Atlanta to Asheville to … (9 comments)




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