asheville land: Asheville Fall Color Tour 2015-LAND! - 11/04/15 10:09 PM
Asheville Autumn- The Season to Discover LAND and Our Fall Color Tour
As I looked at the photo (above) I took on our ASHEVILLE 2015 Color Tour, one of my favorite passages from John Crowley’s book, Little Big came to mind. If you are looking for land and finding the “right” place , this may be helpful for you as it has been for many of our clients:
“…on brave luminous mornings walking expectant and watchful,
waiting to be led and feeling (at once, at the same moment)
the turning [you] must take that would lead to a place
that took your … (3 comments)

asheville land: Create Your Land Legacy - 08/17/15 03:38 AM

BIG Acreages and Farmland~  Create Your Legacy
Asheville Real Estate Journal, August, 2015
As a large LANDS and acreage real estate brokers here in the Asheville , NC area, we are keen observers of the Land Market across the USA.- especially when it comes to land for conservation.
We hypothesized that Land Buyers -of large acreages might  find attractive the idea of working in concert with conservation organizations- possibly as sustainable agriculture grants- possibly a lease to buy program with a Farm Stewardship organization... . Taking that discussion one step further—  in terms of a “safe” investment— how does the  large acreage … (0 comments)

asheville land: 10 Questions to Ask When Investing in LAND-Asheville Style - 10/31/13 04:35 AM
No matter where you invest in LAND- it makes sense to ask the following questions. If you talk with me about LAND Asheville-Style- there are any number of other questions to ask , as well. And we will have a great time exploring those questions and the LAND in and around the mountains-- especially if you are a "boomerr" with a notion to build on a parcel such as that seen below.
. By the way, if you were to ask me when is a great time to see the lay of the land in Asheville, it would be right about now.

asheville land: Asheville Walkable Neighborhoods: Excellent for Boomers & Grandkids - 09/17/13 10:59 PM
Asheville Walkable Neighborhoods Can Mean Sustainable Excellence for Boomers & Grandkids so we are big fans of walkable neighborhoods here in Asheville, NC. and what they can mean for body and self over the years   as you can see by this sampling of posts about this topic written…
1. asheville walkable neighborhoods: Asheville Walkable Neighborhoods Go One Step Further - 
Here in Asheville, we are lucky to have many walkable neighborhoods and there’s movement in the direction of continuing the “walkability factor” when green developers are planning. As Land Brokers, we love the idea of walkable pocket neighborhoods - … (2 comments)

asheville land: Asheville Land For Sale- Trends- Permaculture, Privacy and Proximity - 09/11/13 10:55 AM
Asheville Real Estate Journal Report
Asheville Land For Sale- Trends- Permaculture, Privacy and Proximity
Rolling acreages with streams and sunlight
Real estate trends  and the market outlook capture buyers’ attention. Late summer early Fall, 2013- and that seems especially true. Nowadays many relocating buyers are asking for privacy and proximity to downtown Asheville. Currently these two factors play into the residential scene where the market is booming.
We are also seeing an upsurge in interest in small farms and organic acreages for people interested in Permaculture and moving into the Asheville area.
We keep a keen eye out for special … (0 comments)

asheville land: The Absolute Dream Acreage and the Baby Boomers - 07/09/13 12:47 PM
Dream Acreage and Well-Behaved " Baby Boomers"
They arrived right on time. A young-ish-looking couple who told me they  both were over 50! They must have been doing all the  right things. They were, they admitted, into sustainable excellence, and I had to laugh since so am I- although my reference point is LAND here in the Asheville, NC mountains.
Were they looking for LAND to help keep them flexible and strong, or to establish a pocket neighborhood in the valley?

They told me they wanted to "grow vegetables...maybe plant some fruit trees in sunny spots"...and they wanted to continue to … (1 comments)

asheville land: Asheville Land Brokers- Mossy Meadows - 06/21/13 02:27 PM
Land for Sale - We Find Asheville's Hard-to-Find Gems
In Asheville and in the surrounding mountain towns - in Marshall, Mars Hill, Black Mountain, for example- you will find any number of special places. You can go one mile this way or that and be entranced again and again.
There are the gentle slopes, the trails that seem to be easy that become steep climbs. One day when we were out exploring the land which, as land brokers, is both a passion of ours -  and the core of our  business, we even found an Old Growth Grandfather Tree near a south-facing … (4 comments)

asheville land: Building Your At Last Home- Asheville Style - 03/01/13 11:37 PM
 A Very Smart Land Buyer asked me to look into a building site and let her know what I “unearthed”.  I do believe that, even in the most beautiful mountainscape Asheville offers, one must be careful when it comes to steep grade property.  It may call you to think of having your home at the top, but most steep slopes cannot be built on without extensive and expensive roads, site work, and extra building costs. In fact, here in Buncombe County- steep slope sites are subject to Hillside Development Ordinances.
 Building sites can be breathtakingly beautiful..
But there are … (2 comments)

asheville land: Hickory Nut Forest a Green Community-Asheville Special Find - 06/27/12 08:26 AM
Hickory Nut Forest a Green Community  Special Find
Laughing Waters VIDEO

____  POINTS OF INTEREST: This eco-friendly development named for the Hickory Nut Forest is a "special find" if you seek a True Green multigenerational  community within a short driving distance of Asheville. 
And , the personal story around how the couple who found and developed this acreage is exciting to learn. Over the years, we have watched how their story unfolds...
and so we were excited to discover that ...when it comes to Green Asheville Real Estate, Hickory Nut Forest, this amazing eco-community, has just announced some good news … (4 comments)

asheville land: Asheville Picnics and Day Trips : Rolling Land Before the Mountains - 06/20/12 09:10 AM
Asheville Picnics and Day Trips  : Rolling Land Before the MountainsAsheville Real Estate Journal
If you are a Land Broker like I am, you love the LAND. Previewing Land for your clients is a euphemism for a timely and delightful " Scenic Mini-Vacation".  . . Especially when you take your camera and pack a we did today!

THIS Asheville area picnic includes the sweet scent of a blooming countryside, picturesque vistas, and mountains- running to the sky…
It's an Appalachian wonder, all right, leading to acreage where  you can just hang out, toss your picnic basket in this … (5 comments)

asheville land: Looking for Land in All the Right Places - 06/11/12 04:10 AM
Looking for Land in All the Right Places- Is like the song....About this, land specialists like me will have to admit that finding the “right” acreage on which to create your AT LAST home may not be easy. Take, for example the case of one of my favorite land-buying clients here in the mountains of Asheville, NC who had some difficulty in telling me what he  desired.Yes…he envisioned a small farm and a green-built home and a state-of-the-art barn to match…but with enough level land for his gardens. (Guess what? That is a double challenge here in the mountains around Asheville.) … (8 comments)

asheville land: American Chestnut and Asheville’s Family Farms (Series) - 01/03/12 02:36 PM
Asheville Homes on the Land For SaleAsheville Real Estate Journal
IF you are relocating to Asheville and would like to see a fine old chestnut barn, let me know…In the meantime, here is a bit of information on farms and farmland for sale as seen in the slideshow.  …and a picture gallery of old barns in the Asheville area…. 
Price  Range: $ 210,000 to $ 10MAcreage: 40 to 745OLD BARNS  possibly American Chestnut???  Mountain Views: YesStream: YesLevel Building Sites: YesDrive Time to Asheville: 10 to 40 minutes
***** Resources: American Chestnut- Books of Interest
Smithsonian Report
Asheville Farms … (2 comments)

asheville land: Buying Decision Insights -Part 2 - 11/27/11 04:16 AM
Asheville Real Estate Journal-  Large Acreages for Sale
Photos below- Asheville Land for Sale- two (2) large (60-90+ AC) acreages. One is about 40 minutes (easy drive) to the east of Asheville. The other is just 20 minutes to the north of Asheville. Price range on these acreages less than $1M!
How do  you combine your insights  with other buying decisions...the obvious categorizing, comparing, and measuring involved in making those buying decisions when creating a Home on the Land? And is your sense of the LAND, itself...(how it speaks to you)...something to which you refer?  As I said in Part 1,   this question :  “What’s your … (0 comments)

asheville land: Insights and Buying Decisions- Part 1 - 11/22/11 03:54 PM
Asheville Real Estate Journal
“What is your visceral reaction when you first look at this property--?” (see photo)
 That’s one of my favorite questions.
Over the years, Big Advantages have shown up for my clients when they  combine their "visceral feelings" or insights - with the entire process ofcategorizing, comparing, and measuring involved in buying (for example) an Equestrian Estate (see photo) and investing in Land, in general. 
Sometimes I wonder what would happen if all parties involved in a real property transaction dedicated time and energy to returning to their initial  insights when making buying decisions.. Possibly, all concerned would be scouting out all-inclusive best use solutions, ( both, … (2 comments)

asheville land: Land in WNC- Asheville Sweet Steep Slopes - 10/27/11 07:52 AM
You may have heard that like Santa Fe, NM and Sedona, AZ, Asheville NC is at the very center for creative pursuit and expression in Western North Carolina (WNC.).  
WNC is a region of  about 10,000 square miles from the state line of Virginia to that of Georgia that extends north to the border of Tennessee.
It is known for  being one of the most beautiful and attractive places on Earth...a place where there is time and space for one to reflect on the blessings in life....
WNC is also known for the … (3 comments)

asheville land: Spring, Asheville, Painted Mountains and the Zephyr - 04/11/09 02:25 AM

It was getting late. Soon the birds would be nesting. I climbed to the top of the ridge, facing north. There in the venerable Asheville Mountains almost as old as time itself, something exciting ...yet unnamed ...was arranging itself  between the coves and rising ridges.  It spoke to the possibility, this very April evening of simultaneously starting anew and leaving yesterday behind....
Spring in Asheville! The season has painted her canvas with all the colors we anticipate each year as we rediscover an abundance of choices.... places to consider alone and with others...places where you and I can create "safe landings" for generations to … (12 comments)

asheville land: Asheville NC Lifestyle: Land and Sky and Mountains...and QUALITY (series) - 02/21/09 12:32 PM

If ever you need  inspiration, you need go no further than my own back yard. Here the mountains curve to empowering skies, and softly point to possibility. The sense that anything is possible is in the air. Beyond the trees a muse may hide. Beyond the clouds there is light...and maybe hope...
and this is what quality of life is all about... AH! Asheville, North Carolina!

asheville land: Stories of A Favored Kind: Neighborhood, Small Family Farms and Organic Madison County NC - 11/21/08 04:26 AM

It was during the last days of Autumn in the mountains around Asheville .The canvas of orange, purple, red and gold splendor was giving way that  morning to frostings of white
see photo JT took on an outing last week)
 ...Soon it would be time to gather by warming hearth-fires. The telling of stories of the lands and people we love will commence. December would  find characters coming to life as tales of the indigenous peoples and first settlers are told.  
And as the winter progressed, there would be, as there always was,  talk of recent history, current events , local lore and news … (8 comments)

asheville land: Baby Boomer and Nature Lover? Turn your 1031 into Eco-Friendly Creative Retirement Living- Part 3. Three Creeks Preserve - 10/29/08 07:28 AM

On our annual Fall Leaves photo shoot we strolled into mature hard woods at Three Creeks Preserve. (This is a local eco community within about 40 minutes of Asheville and only 10 minutes from Lake Lure, NC.)
 Following the colors, we traversed a foot bridge then connected with a trail that winds from the eco community at Three Creeks   out into almost 300 acres of diverse terrain.
What a canvas! As we continued on we climbed to the panorama of red, gold and purple and the mountain overlook. 
 (Photo of Autumn in the Greater Asheville, NC Area. It is So … (2 comments)

asheville land: Lot 12 Hickory Nut Forest Eco-Community Gerton NC 28735 - 09/15/08 06:27 AM
Lot 12  could be called the IDEAL LOT in the authentic eco-community of Hickory Nut Forest in Gerton, North Carolina.
This ECO COMMUNITY adjacent to 250 acres of "forever wild" land and with trails leading to 800 acres of conservation partners' lands is just 23min to the cultural center of Asheville, NC. . ALL HealthyBuilt homes are planned for the eco-community which is also aiming to be a net zero energy community.
Especially desirable for Lot 12 is that is offers very good southern sun. Home builders and gardeners can take good advantage of this aspect of Lot 12.
You will … (9 comments)

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